Transgender Bathrooms – whatever next?

Transgender Bathrooms – whatever next?



I don’t know – all this hullabaloo over who can use whose public toilets. I haven’t been in France in many a year, but when I worked in Paris, many places had multi-gender toilets, and even if they didn’t, there was always a ‘toilet lady’ around to keep the place clean and take your tips.

It’s the same over here in Thailand – even if there are loos for each sex, it doesn’t stop young female image12toilet attendants mopping around your feet when us men do our business in the urinals. And as for the lady boys – of which there are tens of thousands, well they can use any toilet they choose, and nobody gives it a second thought. In bars and restaurants, there is a high preponderance of ‘uni-sex’ loos and nobody gives a toss. (pun intended)

purple loocropHowever, not all Thai women want to see Ladyboys in their toilets and the Ladyboys obviously don’t want to use the men’s. To solve that problem, we are starting to see the so-called “Purple Toilets” around Thailand. They are even in some schools.

Anyway, all women’s toilets contain private, lockable, sit down stalls don’t they? It’s not as though the ladies were squatting in some kind of public urinal – like we gents do…

And when was the last time you saw a gender specific toilet in a house? Okay, I get the point about the downloaddanger of men raping women in a public toilet – but does anyone honestly believe that allowing transgenders to use women’s toilets is really going to increase the risk of rape? If a man wants to rape a woman, he will do it regardless of stupid laws about the segregation of toilets.

This separation of men and women in accordance with the ‘organs God gave them’, seems to harken back to those not so long ago days; when the world’s greatest democracy forced black and whites to use different toilets.


The best way to treat these ridiculous bigots in America’s southern states is to completely ignore their stupid toilet laws and not give them the media coverage to propagate their extremist religious views. The whole hoo-hah is not worth a piss in a pint pot!



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