The Gang of Four – American Style – 17th April 2016

Letter to America


The  Gang of Four – American Style!

imagesMy Dear Americans, I truly grieve for you.

The USA is arguably the greatest democracy the world has ever seen, and it is the country where anyone, no matter how poor or underprivileged, can achieve The American Dream.  Through the decades, there have been thousands of people who have pulled themselves out of poverty to become rich and famous in the ‘land of the free’.

Who better than Barack Obama himself to exemplify just how far a poor man from an ethnic minority can aspire to in the 21st century America?

America also happens to be the richest country in the world. It has the most powerful armed forces in the world, the greatest universities in the world and the greatest scientists. It is a proud nation dedicated to freedom, democracy, human rights, and the elimination of all forms of discrimination – not only in America but throughout the world.

It is also a country that puts a huge value on human life and believes fervently that all its citizens have the right to live their lives in freedom and without hindrance from their fellow citizens. Their Founding Fathers’ Bill of Rights is one of the most profound, democratic and freedom-espousing documents of all time. It is revered by all freedom-loving citizens the world over.

So what in God’s name has gone wrong?

In America today there are almost 50 million of its citizens on food stamps. Fifty million! That’s more than the population of Spain and more than the populations of Holland, Belgium, Greece, Portugal and Sweden combined.

The richest country on earth has 50 million people who can’t make ends meet – who do not have sufficient income to feed themselves without state assistance. And let’s not forget that it wasn’t so very long ago that many Americans were poking fun at the Greeks and Spanish for spending far more than they could afford. These Europeans were pilloried for draining their states dry with massively overblown social security benefits and building up national debts that they had no way of repaying.

Hmm… yet the greatest country on earth has 50 million of its citizens on the poverty line, and it has built up a national debt that beggars belief – dwarfing the national debts of the rest of the world combined. Under Obama’s stewardship, their national debt has increased from 11.5 trillion to just under 20 trillion and it is expected to pass this figure before he leaves office.

The only reason this unimaginable debt hasn’t crippled the USA is because the US Dollar is the world’s international currency. America makes the rules and can print money and get away with it. No other country can do this – only America. But even they can only do this for a while, for the day is not too far off when once again the world’s fragile economies, including the USA, will be crashing about our feet again, and next time it will be a lot more ugly.

These days, America’s cities are teeming with no-go areas where violent gangs rob, exhort, trade drugs and murder each other on a daily basis.

The American’s right to bear arms has brought about the highest rate of homicides of any industrialized society, and of even most third world countries. There is hardly a week goes by when we don’t read about yet another mass shooting in one of America’s schools, churches, malls, cinemas or some other public place. There isn’t another country on this planet, save those at war, that suffers from the same level of senseless mass shootings.

So what’s gone wrong? – I ask again. How is it that the richest country in the world is unable to provide enough work for 50 million of its own citizens? How is it that Americans are killing each other every day by clinging to the arcane second amendment to their Bill of Rights, written in 1791 and  designed for a long forgotten period in history when the world – and America – was a completely different place?

How is it that America is still a country that is so severely split down racial lines that in 2016 you have volatile pressure groups like ‘Black Lives Matter’ and racial riots following endless injustices perpetrated on black men by white police forces?

In 1860-1865, America went through a bloody civil war in which three-quarters of a million people died to give freedom to black Americans. Yet here we are, some 150 years later, and there are still gross injustices and simmering tensions between blacks and whites that could explode at any moment.

The Democrats tacitly support these civil right movements but give them little more than ‘lip service’. The Republicans are still in denial – they figured they fixed it all back in 1865.

I have been following American politics for more years than I care to remember, and never have I seen the main political parties so divided, so utterly mean and ruthless in their political tactics, and so lacking in true statesmanship that is desperately needed in this highly troubled world.

I confess that I am completely horrified at the choice of candidates that  remain in the Presidential race. For many years I have been a right-leaning thinker in my political views. I still am, yet to me, the only person in the gang of four who is morally worthy of becoming the next president is Bernie Sanders.

But I absolutely abhor his politics.


Bernie Sanders is an out and out socialist and he espouses communistic gobbledygook that has been tried and has failed in so many socialist states across the world during the past 100 years or so. 

Look no further than Cuba and Venezuela, or indeed the former Soviet Block to see what happens if Sanders has a free hand to introduce his socialist policies.

Every Socialist – from Lenin to Chavez – believed they really had the solution to bring true equality to the masses, but as every person in the capitalist world knows – it never works – as we humans just ain’t built that way. Take away competition, and you take way the will to fight for survival. As Pete Seeger used to say … “When will they ever learn?”

Of course, Sanders won’t be able to change very much in his four years; but I dread to think of the impasse that will come to pass in the USA if he does comes to power – it could easily lead to riots on the streets.

The thing Sanders has going for him is that he has far more integrity than all the other candidates combined.

Hillary-Benghazi-640x475I am amazed that Hillary Clinton is still in the race and that all the establishment Democrat  is still backing her. Going back to her earliest days, she was involved in financial scandals, (anyone remember the Whitewater scandal?), and she was one of the worst Secretaries of State to ever hold that office.

From her so-called ‘re-set button’ for relations with Putin, to her criminal blunders in Libya, she reigned over foreign affairs during a period when America’s status and respect in the world dropped to an all-time low. 

By contrast, John Kerry – no great statesman himself – is a breath of fresh air. Although he seems somewhat naïve, few doubt his integrity and honesty – something Hillary has never possessed and never will.

Never has a presidential candidate has such a low trustworthy rating. 75% of those polled do not believe she is trustworthy or honest. So why on earth do a majority of Democrats still want her as their next Commander in Chief? I just don’t get it. Surely there must be someone – man, woman or animal – that is better than her?

Now, to the Republicans.

Millions of words have been written about Trump, so there is little need for me to add much to them. All I will say is that the most surprised person in America right now is Trump himself. He never seriously thought he had a real chance of winning the nomination. He decided to enter the fray to have a bit of fun and stir things up and satiate his own egotistical fantasies.

donald-trump-is-on-an-absolute-roll-after-wild-week-filled-with-twitter-fights-and-heated-debates-about-rapeI’m sorry, but poor fool you – Americans – for eating it all up and loving his racist, sexist, nonsensical, hurtful and abusive vitriol.

Trump is all hot air and BS without a single practical idea on how to sort out the myriad problems facing this once great nation. Hitler had a more cohesive, comprehensible program than Trump.

Building a wall and making the Mexicans pay for it means absolutely nothing. He has yet to explain how he will make Mexico pay for it.

He will do great deals; he will bring American businesses back from Japan and India and China. How will he do that? By expropriating the companies? By ordering them to employ Americans rather than Mexicans or Chinese? By tearing up trade deals that have been entered into in good faith with its trading partners over decades?

He sounds more like a North Korean dictator than the leader of the free world. He has no experienced advisors to help him formulate anything approaching credible policies and he has no detailed plans on how he is going to carry out his ridiculous ideas.

The reason for this is that he never thought he would get this far – and now it’s a bit too late to start. He didn’t even have the nous to start lobbying the Republican delegates to the convention in the way that Cruz has done so successfully. If he doesn’t know how to sweep up uncommitted delegates to his side, what chance does America have in the next four years that he can achieve anything worthwhile? It wasn’t that long ago that he was an avowed Democratic supporter and he made large donations to their coffers – even Hilary’s!

Finally, to Cruz.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) at National Harbor in Maryland February 26, 2015. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS) - RTR4RBW7

Cruz is not stupid and he actually has some good qualities and a few coherent policies.

But this is the man who not so long ago stated that homosexuality is a crime and he spoke at a rally where it was stated that homosexuals were satanic and were compared to Satan. He is a conservative, religious radical that makes the likes of Obama’s Reverend Wright and Mitt Romney’s Mormon religion seem positively mainstream.

Cruz’s father denied the theory of evolution, and Cruz is on record saying that the only way to save the United States is by turning it into a Christian theocracy. There is more, but few can doubt that Ted Cruz is a dangerous religious extremist. Do you really want this man as your next Commander in Chief?

Frankly, I am appalled with your shortlist to become the next president of America on two counts.

Firstly, out of a population 320 million odd people, is it that hard to find four candidates from the two main parties who could fight for the presidency in a decent, civilized way? Is it that hard to find four people who are honest, upright, trustworthy citizens, who are intelligent and well versed in the intricacies of government and international relations; four people who want to do the very best for America and are not just in it for personal aggrandizement and will do literally anything to win? Is it really too much to ask?

Secondly, just what is it about these four, ragbag, half-crazy, totally inept, egotistical candidates that draw so many of you Americans to their cause? I just don’t get it.

And poor John Kasich, the one man with at least a few of those necessary qualities listed above, is a distant fifth, with no chance whatsoever – just because he isn’t very charismatic.

Do you want a showman or a capable, hardworking President?

America, I grieve for you. Just like china a few decades ago, there could be blood on the streets before this ‘gang of four’ is all done and dusted.




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