Tales From a Barfly – 18th May, 2014

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Tales From a Barfly – 18th May, 2014

It’s That Man Again!!

I have written in my blog and in the Thai Visa forum about a certain alcoholic  gentleman who has -and continues – to create much aggravation for me and my new business venture.

Here is what I wrote in last week’s Mobi-Babble:


“The guy who I wrote about in this blog a few weeks ago and I ended up banning, has been taking verbal ‘pot shots’ at m every day  from the adjacent bar – telling anyone who will listen what a SOB I am. (and much more besides). Little Noo is becoming very angry about his antics as it will inevitably have an effect on potential customers, so if I was him – and if he is reading this blog,  I give him good notice – he had better watch out.”


I have tried very hard to ignore all this, as the last thing I want is to create a ‘scene’ in my place of business, so soon after opening the doors. But even someone with the ‘patience of Job’ as one customer said of me, has his ‘tipping point”.

After two long weeks of hearing this man bad mouth me and my bar at the top of his voice to anyone who cared to listen, I decided I had enough, and on Thursday afternoon I exploded.

There followed a very loud and very long verbal altercation that must have been heard the other side of the lake, the drunken oaf finally left, pissed out of mind to drive home before the sun went down at which point he would be  unable to see the road.

Still fuming, I let off steam in my thread in Thai Visa forum, which went as follows:


“Well I suppose it had to happen sooner or later…..

Those of you who were following my previous thread about the naming of the bar may recall a post I made about a drunken loud-mouth who I was obliged to ban before the bar had even opened.

I have written about him in greater detail in my blog and also mentioned recently that he has been sitting at the bar next to mine and has been indulging in taking insulting pot shots at me and the bar for the past two weeks.

He has been telling anyone in that bar who would listen that I am the worst kind of evil, no-good SOB and that they should avoid my bar like the plague.

I could hear it going on every day (he speaks very loud when drunk); I told my GF but kept my cool and own counsel, assuming that sooner or later he would find something new to talk about.

Anyway I arrived at the bar a bit late today, maybe around 5.15 and there he was, drunk out of mind mouthing off about me and my bar.

I don’t know why, but something snapped and I exploded. I went over to the boundary of the 2 bars and told him in no uncertain terms what I thought of him.

He also exploded and there was a great deal of noise. He kept threatening to publish on Thai Visa some stupid email I sent him about 10 years ago during a previous ‘skirmish’, when I had told him in very juicy language what I thought of him and his reprehensible behaviour.

After that incident we had made up and all was forgotten and forgiven (until the next altercation, of which there were a number through the years until I finally wrote him off for good when he had an unprovoked ‘go’ at a dear friend), and for him to have kept that email all these years and threatened to use it against me now shows what a small minded, mean spirited man he is.

Not that he would dare to put it on Thai Visa because he has never ever posted anything in all the years he has been a member, and in any case it would immediately be removed due to the profane language.

In any case I didn’t say anything that wasn’t 100% true…so what he thinks he might gain from it is a mystery.

The guy is a total nut case – in the heat of the argument his idea of trying to belittle me was to accuse me of being diabetic!!! – and having a pick- up truck with stickers on it –  I mean you can’t make this stuff up.

Needless to say the verbal’s soon descended into a full scale shouting match involving all the female staff, (who all know what an A-H he is), who joined in and threatened him with God knows what. (My Thai wasn’t up to understanding what they shouted , and his certainly wasn’t, which was probably just as well.)

In the end it was getting dark and he had to leave before the light vanished, as by his own admittance he can’t see in the dark and he was as drunk as a skunk.

So if anyone is interested in watching ‘Mobi Vs ‘Drunken Singha John’ Part two, you are invited to witness events tomorrow afternoon, same time same place…assuming always that he hasn’t wrapped his ancient CRV around a tree on his drunk journey home and has the guts to come back tomorrow….

I‘m up for it if he is, and next time I’ll try to keep a check on my temper.

But I won’t be beyond having a little goad or two… I know just how to get under the skin of  that little alcoholic bastard.

Ah well… such is bar life.. you certainly can’t say its boring”


A few of my readers took me to task over this posting and rebuked me for having a rant. Apparently the drunk could be excused his behaviour because he is a drunk, but what excuse did I have?


“My excuse is that he was trying every way which to ruin my new business and stop people from going there. I put up with it for two weeks… many would have probably taken matters into their own hands long before that.”

Of course I should have controlled myself but I am only human, and diabetics/recovering alcoholics are not known for keeping their tempers when severely provoked.

Enough excuses for you?”


But the rebukes and criticisms continued, so in the end I felt obliged to provide a bit of back story on this guy so that they could see it in proper context.


“He is such a sot that it is big adventure for him to even drive the 15 kms into Pattaya to get his cheap cigarettes and an early morning beer in Soi Bukhao market, which he does about every two weeks.

He wouldn’t even drive his wife to the airport for fear of getting lost…

He wakes 6 a.m. every morning when he has his first Singha beer. He drinks at home all morning and in the afternoon he drives down to ‘his’ bar – already fairly pissed.

By dusk is completely sozzled and he drives home before night descends.

At home he usually falls asleep by 8 p.m. and repeats this routine the next day… day after day… week after week… month after month…. year after year… until one day…?

He never goes away anywhere, never takes his family out, never even goes to functions at his daughter’s school. Nothing can ever keep him from his daily drinking habits.

He has thrown his wife and daughter out in a drunken rages in the middle of the night without a penny on them, and on two occasions, my wife and I have taken them in and looked after them – once for a couple of weeks. To this day he doesn’t even know they were with me.

He also keeps his wife’s money, jewellery, keys to her motor bike and even her ID card under lock and key at night so that she can’t leave him when he passes out.

Apart from occasional trips to Pattaya he never ventures outside the area of Mabprachan lake.

Years ago he used to drink at ‘Fisherman’s bar – day in day out – with his young daughter in tow. Then he fell out with the owner and moved his custom to ‘Manneke Pis’ bar for another few years – still with his daughter in tow, observing the ways of a girlie bars and us oldies getting pissed.

Then he fell out with that bar owner and moved to another bar where the owner threw him out for having a fight with a customer and he finally ended up to the bar next to mine where he has proceeded to annoy me on a daily a basis.

One long-time resident and a good customer of mine told me he wouldn’t have put up with it for 5 minutes – let alone 2 weeks.

I’ve had many fallings out with him through the years as he will suddenly snap and start screaming at his friends (me included) for no reason at all. I forgave him many times because I felt sorry for him and I realised it was the booze that had caused it all.

But I called it a day when he blew up at another friend – the most mild-mannered , decent helpful chap you could ever hope to meet who has done him so many favours through the years.

I know I shouldn’t have ranted on this thread but sometimes it is good to get it off your chest. I have never knowingly done anything bad to anyone in my life and this guy just gets to me, especially spewing out filth and lies about me and harming my business to boot.

There is so much more I could write about him, like the time he attacked a Thai paraplegic in a wheel chair, but I’ll leave it at that, and hopefully you will get the picture…”


I should add that after this and several more posts on the subject I did receive more support than criticism, and in particular, from one kind gentleman who actually witnessed the latter part of ‘the verbal’s.’

Yesterday the drunk was back in his usual seat but keeping a very low profile.

Long may it continue.

More next week – assuming there is more – of which there is  about a 50/50 chance


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