Probably The Best Short-time Street in the world…. – 15th March, 2015

Probably The Best Short-time Street in the world….

On Friday I went for my regular ‘Writers group’ meeting at a condo just off beach Road and afterwards, a few of us adjourned to Soi six for a bit of lunch and a bit of an ogle.

For those of you unfamiliar with Pattaya, Soi Six, (or Soi Yodsak), is one of the most infamous streets in an already infamous town. It runs between Beach Road and Second Road, a distance of maybe half a mile, and both sides of the narrow lane are jam-packed with ‘short time’ bars.

What makes this particular Soi so infamous is the fact that not only are all the bars up and running before noon, but each bar has literally dozens of working girls, most of whom sit outside the bar on benches and stools, shouting out to the pedestrians in a frantic effort to entice them inside.

These girls are barely decent, (in their attire and probably in most other regards…) and I guarantee that a short walk along this lane will provide a visual feast of scantily clad young women like no other.

Even ‘Walking Street’ – the main red light area for tourists containing hundreds of bars  –  pales in comparison when it comes to having such an enormous amount of utterly delectable female flesh, all with gorgeous legs that go up to their armpits, concentrated into such a small area.

And Walking Street really doesn’t start to get going until around 10 pm and is not fully up to speed until well into the small hours. By this time, most of the soi 6 girls are tucked up in bed, fast asleep, or whatever.

Most of the Soi 6 girls are quite young and many are very beautiful. The really pretty ones make so much money that some only work part time and can pick and choose their customers. The most popular (and most energetic) of the girls entertain 10 or more customers a day, and monthly incomes in excess of 250,000 Baht ($8,000), tax-free, are not at all unusual.

Those of you who have read my novel “A Lust For Life” may recall a chapter when Toby was on a three-day drunk and staggered into Soi 6 one morning and worked his way up to Second Road, falling asleep outside several bars on his way. He was then threatened by a bar owner for not paying the girls with whom he had been drinking, and with whom he had promised a ‘short time’. All based on a true incident – those were the days!

So Friday’s ‘innocent’ lunch at one of the few eating establishments that exist on Soi 6 with a few of the guys from the writing group certainly brought back some memories.

Although I had no desire to ‘indulge’, I have to admit that the sight of so many gorgeous, sexy women was very pleasing to the eye and made for an enjoyable pastime as we sat and watched them going about their business, trying to lure the poor, unsuspecting tourists into their female lairs.

Much has been written on the subject of prostitutes and whether their work  is degrading and whether it is tantamount to ‘human trafficking’.

I will not try to argue the case either way, but will simply state that in Soi Six there are no pimps; the girls are all freelance and get to keep what they make from the customers and can come and go as they please.

If you also add the fact that every one of these girls could easily get a job in a ‘respectable’ place of employment as there is zero unemployment in Thailand, you can only conclude that for most of them, they do this work from choice – and believe me, many of them thoroughly enjoy what they are doing.

It’s much more fun than working as a checkout girl in 7/11 and provides much greater rewards….

soi six 8

soi six 10 soi six 7 soi six 6 soi six 5 soi six 4 soi six 3 soi six 2 soi 6 soi six 11

soi six13
Off to make their contributions to the Pattaya Police Benevolent Fund.


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