More Notes from a Tainted Paradise – 20th March 2016

More Notes from a Tainted Paradise

A Big smiley welcome for tourists in Chiang Mai.

zoe-raid-1024x683It’s encouraging to read that tourists are still being given a wonderful “Thai style” welcome in all parts of the Land of Smiles.

Just the other week, the gallant boys in brown, complete with assault rifles, raided a popular tourist bar in Chiang Mai to check for illegal drugs and ensure all the tourists were holding valid visas

Just to make sure no criminals escaped their clutches, they roped off the entire bar area and put armed guards outside.

Then the police carried out random urine testing on many party-goers but found no evidence of any substance abuse.

Then they checked for weapons and drugs, but no dangerous items were found on anyone.

Immigration police found no evidence of anyone overstaying their visas.

However, any tourists who did not have their passport with them were taken to Chiang Mai police station for ‘processing’.

Isn’t it nice to know that the police are so concerned about crime amongst the tourists?


Pretty Woman

14568071761456807215lA senior leader of the ruling junta has said that soldiers have been dispatched to monitor former prime minister, Yingluck Shinawatra, not to harass her – as alleged by a colleague of the former prime minister – but to protect her.

Responding to a complaint that soldiers had followed Yingluck and took photos of her without her permission, a deputy junta chief suggested that they probably did so because she is attractive.

3020748825_1_3_Ohqh3Ylp“The soldiers took photos of Ms. Yingluck probably she was pretty,” he told reporters at Government House. “It’s not a big deal. Don’t think too much about it or be anxious about it.”

Phew! And all this time the supporters of the old regime were thinking she was being followed for political purposes.

Relax guys! It’s only because she’s pretty.


Red flags for dinosaurs

post-140919-0-77878400-1457081604_thumbBrings to mind the ancient English law – which is still on the statute books as far as I know, that all motor transport must have a man walking in front of it carrying a red flag.

According to the Thai Land Traffic Act, all trucks with large loads extending from the rear must have a red flag hanging from the back of the load. That seems eminently reasonable, but you would think that with a load as huge as a dinosaur, it would be difficult to escape the attention of following motorists as it drove around Bangkok with crowds of people taking pictures.

dinosaur_0Not content with issuing a ticket – the diligent cops insisted in arresting the dinosaur itself.

Ah… .where would we be without the BIB to serve and protect us?


I’ve got a luverly bunch of coconuts! 

£1.000!! – cheap at the price!

post-247607-0-16976400-1457229878_thumbContinuing our security-related themes, we now have a Thai man who was jailed after he admitted stealing three coconuts to give to his pregnant wife.

Our gallant police seized the three coconuts following a search of the man’s house. The man, aged 25, said he took the coconuts because his pregnant wife told him she wanted to eat fresh coconut meat.

The owner of the plantation where the man stole the coconuts demanded 50,000 baht (£1,000) compensation.

The father of  three earns 200 Baht (£4) a day from his labouring job at a latex factory, said he did not have 50,000 baht…

Really?  Surprise, surprise!

The owner of the coconut farm told police she would drop the charges if the thief paid her 50,000 baht compensation.

Police said they tried to mediate between the two parties but the owner refused to back down, despite pleas from the man and his family.

The three coconuts have an estimated value of 60 Baht. (£1.10)

The young man remains behind bars while he awaits a court appearance.

This Land of Smiles is really amazing.  As long as they have money, people who commit major crimes, such as murder, torture, human trafficking, rape, drug dealing, fraud, massive corruption, running gambling dens and so on, never spend a single day in jail. 

Their cases take years to slowly make their way through the courts. Usually, at some point along the way the case will be dropped or the courts finds them innocent.

TIT as they say.



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