Mobi’s Pics – UK 2015 (3) – 16th August, 2015

Mobi’s Pics – UK 2015 (3)


Here is the third batch of photos that I took on my recent trip to the UK.

They were taken at the small resort of Ferring, in West Sussex which is about 4 miles along the south coast from the major resort of Worthing. Ferring has been home for one of my cousins for many years, so  on a sunny, but slightly windy Sunday afternoon back in June, a few of the family met up there for a very pleasant get together.

Below are some pics I took on the beach and in my cousin’s back garden.

IMG_1031 - Copy IMG_1004 - Copy - Copy IMG_1005 - Copy - Copy IMG_1010 - Copy - Copy IMG_1011 - Copy - Copy IMG_1012 - Copy IMG_1014 - Copy IMG_1015 - Copy IMG_1018 - Copy IMG_1020 - Copy IMG_1022 - Copy IMG_1025 - Copy IMG_1028 - Copy IMG_1036 - Copy IMG_1037 - Copy IMG_1039 - Copy IMG_1040 - Copy IMG_1044

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