Mobi’s Pics – 18th October, 2015

Mobi’s Pics – UK 2015 (6)

London’s West End & Three Women and a Baby

Here are some more of the photographs I took when we were in the UK earlier this year.

The first batch was taken when my brother and his wife took Lek and me to see “Miss Saigon” at the Prince Edward Theatre. I have seen it twice before – many years ago – at the  massive Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. This latest production has been completely revamped and re-choreographed for the smaller venue and even has a new song. 

It was still a great show – possibly even better than the original. Lek loved it.

Afterwards, we went to China Town in Soho for a Chinese….

The last few pics were taken in or near my eldest daughter’s flat in downtown Birmingham. 

Wife, two daughters, and grandson.



IMG_1354 IMG_1350 IMG_1348 IMG_1347 IMG_1342 IMG_1340 IMG_1339 IMG_1338 IMG_1336 IMG_1335 IMG_1358 IMG_1356 IMG_1364 IMG_1363 IMG_1361



IMG_1380 IMG_1388 IMG_1845 IMG_1839 IMG_1831 IMG_1829 IMG_1849



MAB mini pic

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