Mobi’s Letter to America – 10 January 2016



My Dear Americans,  

I have never had much regard for President Obama. Not because of his left-wing views, but because he was full of promises that he couldn’t translate into action. He is a great orator but one of the worst administrators who has ever laid claim to the oval office.

He received his training as a partisan politician in the maelstrom of the corrupt Chicago political machine. He received his spiritual teachings from a minister who is blatantly prejudiced and anti-American and he honed his political philosophy from a self-confessed terrorist.

He has never come close to experiencing – let alone managing – any kind of commercial enterprise in the real world. When he became president, it was soon apparent that his man-management skills were sadly lacking. He had no inkling how to assert any control over his ambitious, very partisan Whitehouse staff.

It wasn’t long before he was the mercy of the senior Democrat Party insiders who became his puppet master and formulated a majority of his policies. If any member of staff screwed up badly, they simply got promoted to a new job. Nobody in Obama’s Whitehouse has ever been fired or made to resign through incompetence.

There is no question that America’s standing and prestige in the world has fallen to incalculable depths under Obama, and the USA is either reviled or at best – laughed at. The ‘red line’ on using chemical weapons in Syria was a watershed for Obama. After he failed to act when Assad ignored him the game was up and the whole world realised he had no stomach for the fight. Putin made a fool of him and laughed in his face.  ‘Paper tiger’ doesn’t even come close.

There is little doubt that history will judge Obama harshly.

Yet, for the most part, I feel he is an honest man, sincere in his beliefs with good intentions. He’s just not up to the job.  He says what he is told to say most of the time from auto-cues written by his team of advisors,

Whatever happened to his wonderful promises for change and transparency and his vows to clean up Washington? They have long since been ditched in preference to political machinations and extremely partisan policies.

Now I’m not saying the Republican Party is any better – if at all; they are both as bad as each other; but Obama was the one with the ‘Martin Luther King’ type dreams of change. My guess is that if he were white, he would never have been re-elected and today he would be an unmentionable blot on the American political landscape.

But of course, being black, he had the huge advantage of having 99% of black voters on his side, regardless of what he said or failed to achieve.

If I was a black American, I might well support him myself. After all, the appalling treatment of blacks – from the days of slavery right up to the present day – is something that every white American should be ashamed of.

Even though it all happened before they were born, most modern day Germans still carry a collective responsibility deep in their consciences for the Nazi atrocities

Modern day white Americans should also carry the collective responsibility for the inhuman and degrading treatment of their black population for the past three hundred years or so.

It is almost too hard to credit that as recently as the 1960’s – some two hundred years after the American civil war – most blacks still suffered from outrageous discrimination. Only fifty years ago the segregation of the two races was still rampant. By law, blacks were not allowed to go to the same places as whites – be they hotels, restaurants, bus seats and so much more. And the penalty for breaking these discriminatory laws was doing time in jail – for those who were lucky enough not to be strung up and lynched.

Today, things are much better, but they are a long, long way from being perfect. De facto segregation of blacks and whites in America is still prevalent in just about every state in the Union.

The recent racial tensions in Ferguson, Baltimore and Chicago have underscored the fact that these cities, like most in America, are still largely segregated.

Much of this segregation is down to decades of white discriminatory strategy. There have been bigoted housing policies in vast swathes of America which has prevented blacks from moving into areas largely occupied by whites.

 Until 1948, it was perfectly legal to prohibit a black from buying a property.

Here is an extract from racially restrictive covenant in Washington, DC in 1958:


Doesn’t it make you want to puke?

Policies known as ‘red-lining’  – red lines on maps that blacks were not allowed to cross and buy or rent homes – was still rife throughout the USA in the 1970’s and to this day is still unofficially enforced in many states.

Banks and others exercise de facto ‘red-lining’ by refusing mortgages to blacks and making it very difficult for them to buy property in white areas.

Then there was blockbusting – a discriminatory policy whereby estate agents actively transitioned white areas of a city into ghetto areas for blacks.

As a result of all this, blacks are much more likely than whites to live in areas of extreme poverty. Through the decades, white Americans have made it very difficult for blacks to move to more affluent areas and better themselves.

It has been estimated that in order to achieve full integration, more than 50% of black Americans would have to move. Without integration, the whites and blacks cannot indulge in social intercourse and even make a start on breaking down racial barriers which have been there since the days of slavery.

I belong to a writing group here in Pattaya and we were recently discussing a book by Rudyard Kipling. I said that these days, Kipling is out of favour as he is considered a bigot and a racist. “Yeah,” said an American gentleman who was obviously from the deep-south, “that’s why I like him.”

So to the blacks, Obama will always be their hero – the first black man to be elected to the Whitehouse. They are right to be proud, and it is a great pity he hasn’t done more for them – but we know that the white Democratic political machine is against it – it is controlled by white millionaire socialists.

When Obama recently announced his executive measures on gun control, he broke down in tears. And you know what? I don’t think he was crying because of the kids who were killed at Sandy Hook. I am convinced he was crying though frustration. He knew that even these most modest measures that he was proposing would be torn to shreds by the Republican Party in general and the NRA in particular.

All he wanted to do was to tighten up some loopholes in existing laws so that people selling guns online or at ‘gun shows’ would need to insist on background checks, as all other registered gun shops sellers are required to do.

Doesn’t sound too unreasonable does it? But Obama knew it would create an outrage.

And so it proved to be. Barely were the tearful words out of his lips than the gun toting opposition was screaming from the rooftops that this was the latest attempt by Obama to take guns from law-abiding citizens.

It was a blatant ‘gun grab’ they told us. Tighten up the laws on background checks today, and tomorrow he will be seizing our guns. At least two Republican presidential aspirants stated that the first thing they would do on assuming office would be to cancel Obama’s executive order.

The rest of the world watched this insane gun obsession with utter disbelief. Are these people rational human beings? Or are they all suffering from some kind of mass psychosis?

Poor Obama – he knew what would happen and that is why he was crying. With the utmost respect, Obama is the last person on earth capable of taking on the might of the gun lobby.

He invited the NRA to join in a debate on his proposed measures. Of course, they declined as they couldn’t possibly have a single argument to defend their opposition to these commonsense measures.

The sad fact is that most Republicans – and even a good number of Democrat politicians – owe their careers to the support of the gun lobby. They are all totally in the pockets of the NRA and any attempts to persuade them to see sense is doomed in failure.

In 2013, there were 33,169 deaths in the USA related to firearms, excluding deaths used for legal intervention.(i.e. cops shooting criminals). There were also 84,258 non-fatal injuries due to firearms.

So that’s 117,427 injuries and deaths caused by firearms in one year. These statistics are according to the government’s centres for Disease control and prevention.

From Wikipedia, I learn that the death rate from guns, per 100,000 of population in the UK is 0.23 and in the USA, it is 10.64.

This compares to a  death rate by knives in the UK of 0.31 and 0.50 in the USA, which seems to destroy the gun lobby’s assertion that there are more deaths from knives in the UK than there are in the USA. Even if that were true, we are talking about a very small number of deaths (187 in 2013) compared to the carnage of some 33,169 deaths by guns in the USA in the same year.

This knife crime nonsense has always been a totally fatuous argument. I would much rather be attacked by someone with a knife than someone with a gun. A gun almost certainly means I will die – a knife gives me more than a fighting chance of surviving, which is borne out by the facts.

Poor Obama – he knew what would happen and that is why he was crying. With the utmost respect, Obama is the last person on earth capable of taking on the might of the gun lobby. Better men than him have tried and failed.

And I doubt whether the next president, be it Mrs Clinton (God Forbid!) or Don the Trump (even more God Forbid!) will get any further with all these money-hungry gun sellers than anyone has achieved in the past.

“A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”

The second amendment was adopted on December 15, 1791, as part of the first ten amendments contained in the Bill of Rights.

download (3)Of course, any sane person completely understands that the second amendment to the American constitution which was passed 224 years ago was designed to enable the good citizens of the day to arm themselves into militias whenever the need arose. The purpose was to defend their newly independent union from the English, from mob rule or anyone who wanted it to fail.

This need has long since passed, but the so-called God-given right of every American citizen to bear arms has turned into the killing monster it is today.

Will it ever change? Well, there were many who thought Prohibition would never be repealed – but it was, so who knows? But it’s going to take a massive shift in public opinion for anything to happen.

If there was a mass shooting every day, it might make a few see sense?

But I doubt it. Not in my lifetime.

What say you – good citizens of the most powerful country the world has ever known? Isn’t it about time you all came to your collective, gun-crazed senses?

Truly yours,


P.S Please don’t shoot the messenger….


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