“MOBI’S AFRICAN ODYSSEY” (formerly “AZZY”) is Back for Sale exclusively on Amazon-Kindle!

Yes, folks, my last epic novel, which was originally published on Amazon Kindle, and in paperback, under the title, “Azzy”, is now available under its new title.

For this new, renamed edition, the text has undergone a comprehensive edit, but the content remains completely faithful to the earlier editions. No material changes, omissions, or additions have been made to the structure of the story.

Some chapters have been renamed, and a few chapters have either been extended or split into new chapters.

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Mobi’s African Odyssey

It is 1969 and a young adventurer flees from his new life in North America and decides to take a job working for the oil industry in West Africa. It is a time when Nigeria was still adjusting to its post-colonial era and is in the throes of a bloody civil war.

Nigeria is Mobi’s home for the next two and half years and this is where he belatedly experiences his sexual awakening and has many erotic adventures, before – and after – meeting the sensuous, hot-blooded, volatile Azzy, a gorgeous young black girl from the bars of Lagos.

They set up home in the war-ravaged, ‘wild west’ town of Port Harcourt, and during the next two years, the couple have a stormy relationship which leads to many hair-raising adventures, and unexpected consequences.

Mobi’s African Odyssey is a tale of whimsy, sex, drama, violence, black magic and cliff-hanging adventures.

One minute, you will want to hug away all his pain; and the next, slap the shit out of him for being so stupid.

Mobi’s sexual awakening, his brushes with African Juju and his skirmishes with the out of control military are all graphically described in a tale which the reader will find hard to put down.

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Boundless Book Reviews

Beth’s Review: “Mobi’s African Odyssey” (formerly “Azzy”) by Mobi D’Ark

March 7, 2016

Author Request/Kindle Unlimited

Publisher: Martin Andrew Bower
Originally Released: November 16, 2015
Genres: Action & Adventure, Romance, Historical 20th Century, War & Military.
Print Length: 576 pages

Format: ebook , paperback

Authors Links:

Website | Amazon | Goodreads

Buy Links: Amazon


Five Boundless Stars!

Mobi is one adventurous young man! One minute, I wanted to hug away all his pain; and the next, slap the shit out of him for being so stupid. This is definitely a good read! I do have to warn you; do not read it, and expect to get any sleep. I read as late as I could, for two nights in a row. D’Ark writes in a way to make readers feel as if they are sitting across from him listening to his story; and I was immediately hooked, seriously, he had me at page TWO. This has NEVER happened before.
Mobi D’Ark is obviously a great story teller; I feel I know him and all his friends on a personal level. What an adventure; no adventures!! I also applaud the humility it took to share some parts of the story. Azzy is definitely a woman to write about, whew!!!
The story starts with his first girlfriend and goes on to his many adventures of his travels and women. I must say; I have never heard a sexual awakening story like this, I can’t imagine anyone experiencing anything even remotely close to this.
I feel Mobi’s African Odyssey deserves a rating of 5 Boundless stars only because 10 isn’t a choice. I absolutely LOVED this book, and would be thrilled to give honest reviews on the rest of this series.

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