Mobi Snaps – we’re off to the zoo! – 9th March, 2014

Mobi Snaps – we’re off to the zoo!

My girlfriend Noo, is a frequent caller to our local TV station and is always winning free T-shirts and other give-away junk, and few weeks ago she won two tickets for Khao Kheow Open Zoo near Sri Racha.

I am not a great fan of zoos in Thailand, but this zoo is better than most. The animals live in large open compounds and the overall area of the zoo is so large that you need to drive from compound to compound to see all the animals.

So I decided to have a rare day out with Noo and her son and the following are a small selection of the snaps taken to commemorate the trip..

IMG_8537 IMG_8556 IMG_8562 IMG_8566 IMG_8567 IMG_8569 IMG_8572 IMG_8574 IMG_8576 IMG_8582 IMG_8585 IMG_8589 IMG_8591 IMG_8592 IMG_8595 IMG_8604 IMG_8610 IMG_8619 IMG_8620 IMG_8621 IMG_8629 IMG_8636

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