Mobi-Babble – 9th March, 2014


Recently, some visitors to my blog strongly criticised the ‘Home Page’ as being a long, boring, never ending blob! So after I put my pride back in my pocket, I gave my website what I hope was a long objective look, and found myself agreeing that to a very large extent, their criticisms were justified. So in order to make the blog more ‘reader-friendly’ I have adopted a new format.

From now on, I will only include the opening paragraph (or two) of a topic on the Home Page, and if readers are sufficiently interested in the subject matter, they can click on the link at the end of the paragraph, which will lead them to a new page containing the remainder of the text. The side bar also contains links to recently published topics.

I do hope you agree that this new format makes my blog a much better experience for one and all.


I have to say that health-wise, I feel much better than I have for a very long time, and even my moods are starting to appreciatively improve. Whether the mood switch is due to my improving health or the anti-depressants is difficult to say; probably a bit of both.

As much as anything else, I guess I am slowly ‘coming to terms’ with the idea that I do not after all have a life-threatening, chronic illness. I know it seems odd – it does even to me – but the revelation that all my stomach problems are the result of a very severe case of IBS, rather than pancreatitis, has taken time to sink in and for me to get used to. I didn’t make great leaps of joy, but as time as gone on, there is no question that my depressive moods have started to go away.

I still feel quite groggy in the mornings but the time taken to feel fully awake is gradually becoming shorter.


On the financial front, I am still a long way from being out ‘out of the woods’, so there is little to celebrate there. My book sales continue to be totally pathetic, and I suppose I have to accept that barring some miracle, my creative works are not going to make me rich and famous.

In due course, I intend to put my short stories on Amazon, as it costs nothing to do, but I’m really not expecting anything much to come out of this.

I am generating a little income from renting out my vehicles, but that will dry up soon, once the high season is over. The ongoing protests in Bangkok are not helping with the numbers of tourists coming to Pattaya.

I am gearing myself up to start a little business on eBay to sell Thai hand-made products, and I am hoping that this may help some of my financial problems.  I have already set up the eBay and Paypal ‘merchant’ accounts, (“Mobi’s Thai Handicrafts”),  and I have one ‘test’ item currently up for sale on eBay. Before I proceed further, there are some teething-problems which at the time of writing, I am still trying sort out with eBay,

All being well, I expect the site will be ‘active’ by the end of April, if not sooner.


I had a wonderful surprise last week when my eldest daughter contacted me from the UK to inform me that she still has some holiday to use up and would be coming to visit us in Pattaya for ten days. She will be arriving on Monday, 10th March and we are all busying ourselves preparing for her unexpected visit.

We are looking forward to her visit very much.


The Oscars – the aftermath

Congratulations are in order – I got 4 out of 4 correct on the major awards (Best, Film, Best, Director and best actors (Male and female). Okay, some of you may think that they were a foregone conclusion, but serious Oscar-watchers will know that nothing is a forgoing conclusion as far as the Oscars are concerned, and the academy often comes up with some surprising, and often bizarre results.

Indeed, it is quite rare for the best director not to go together in the winning film, but I read it correctly, and while by no means agreeing with it, I correctly predicted that the best director would go to Gravity, whereas the best film was, of course, 12 years a Slave. (There were 9 to choose from – so no easy task)

Those of you who read my reviews will note that I was also not far off the mark with my scathing criticisms of  ‘American Hustle’ and ‘Wolf of Wall street‘, as they picked up no awards of substance. Clearly the Academy agreed with me….

Maybe next year I will extend my predictions to the top 6 instead of the top 4 Oscars and include  best supporting actors and actresses. If I had made such predictions this year, I think I would have correctly predicted Lupita Nyong’o, in ‘12 Years a Slave‘, but I doubt I would have predicted Jared Leto in ‘Dallas Buyers Club’, (although he was very good). I would have gone for Barkhad Abdi in ‘Captain Phillips.

Of the losers, I think Captain Phillips and Philomena will continue to delight and enthral audiences for many years to come, but I suspect ‘Woof’, ‘Hustle’ , ‘Her’ and ‘Nebraska’ will soon sink without trace, into that great DVD junk pile in ‘Never-seen land’.



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