Mobi-Babble – 9th February, 2014


It’s been a quiet week and we are still enjoying relatively cool weather; maybe the mid to high teens centigrade at night and rarely more than the high twenties during the day. The humidity is also unusually low so all in all it is giving us very pleasant weather and we haven’t been near the air conditioner remotes for a couple of months.

I go for my walks in the late afternoon while the sun is still shining yet my body hardly produces a drop of sweat.

I am sleeping like there is no tomorrow and when I eventually mange to rouse myself to get out of bed in the late morning, I continue to feel groggy for another hour or so. This is because of the anti-depressant tablets I have been prescribed which is part of the wider plan to cure me of my stomach ailments.

I hate being so sleepy, and will discuss this part of my medication with the doctor when I see him next Thursday, to see if it can be changed or stopped completely. On the other hand, maybe I will slowly get used to it.

Apart from this, on a positive note I can report a substantial improvement in my overall condition. I haven’t had a single attack of diarrhoea since I have been on the new medication regime, so in the overall, it is quite encouraging.


I completed the re-writing and editing of my sixth and final short story this week, so I am now more or less in a position to re-publish the updated versions of these stories which were originally published on real paper back in 2002.

Five of these six stories are currently available to read on my blog by clicking the appropriate tab.

These are: The Good Doctor Jak, That’s The Spirit, Walking Backwards for Christmas, The Beat of the Drum, and In The Wink of an Eye.

Next week, I will post the final story, which is entitled Lawan, on my blog, and soon after this, I will publish the entire collection on Amazon, under a new title, From Thailand with Love.

This will mean that the individual stories will be removed from my blog, so if you wish to have a free read of  the five stories already on my blog, please do so now, and  watch out for Lawan, it’s coming….soon…..

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