Mobi-Babble – 6th March 2015


Sonny Boy takes over!


Daily life in the Mobi-household rumbles along in its own inimitable, chaotic fashion.

Since the arrival of Sonny Boy the Bulldog, it is like we have a new baby in the house. The crazy, stubborn mutt is still a baby and he behaves just like a baby.

According to the experts, Bulldogs are happy to sleep all day and they only become active during their daily walks.

Well, the experts should tell that to Sonny. From morning to night, he is up to mischief. He wants to play all the time with our other dogs – particularly Micky our Labrador and is not at all discouraged when the Shi Tzus snap at him. He just waddles away for a few minutes to lick his wounds, before returning to play again.

Then, when we finally manage to keep him away from the other three dogs, (who only want to sleep) he will chew anything in sight – including the furniture.

As if that isn’t enough, he also eats everything in sight, and I mean everything – including a shuttlecock the other day that had been left on the floor. With the first sight of anyone eating, he will park his ugly mug on their knee and stare into their eyes, begging for a succulent morsel. Later he brings it all up on the sitting room floor – just like a baby.

Unfortunately, his bad habit of begging for food has been passed on  to the rest of our motley pack.


But we love him – he is so silly and adorable, and he is extremely affectionate with everyone. Micky and Sonny are inseparable. They sleep together, play together and groom each other. Micky is a dab hand at cleaning all the dirt in Sonny’s wrinkled face – saves us doing it.

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Here’s a bit of Thai logic for you. Lek, my wife, thinks that because our dog breeds didn’t originate in Thailand, that they will only respond to commands in English.


“Sonny, come here! Micky, sit down! Somchai, you naughty boy! Yoghurt! Stop That!…”

As you can see, English is always her language of choice when communicating with the farang doggy world.

Then she will turn to me and talk in Thai. Obviously, the Mobi- breed did originate in Thailand.


The Joys of Parenthood

Yesterday, I went to my first writing group meeting in many weeks. Lek dropped me off in Jomtien and then went shopping in Pattaya with Song, her daughter, as she was off school for the day. Don’t ask me why she was off school – more of this below.

My meeting was two hours and when Lek came to collect me, poor little Song was in a sorry state. She had been playing on the beach, and somehow she had succeeded in cutting both her feet and one of her hands to shreds on ‘something’ she encountered in the sand.

There was blood everywhere, and little Song was screaming blue murder. Once we staunched the blood, the injuries didn’t look too severe and when she had calmed down, we drove back home. The poor thing could only hobble on the balls of her heels. Then Lek went to work cleaning the wounds and putting that horrible brown antiseptic ointment on them.

If you had been here, you would have thought that Song was being slowly tortured to death.

In my dotage, I occasionally forget about the joys of being a parent – but not for long, with Neung and Song around.

Song – 7 years old


Lek is Angry!

I had to laugh the other day when Lek changed her ‘mood’ on  her Facebook page to say “feeling angry.”

My brother back in England saw it and asked, “Why?” There then followed mangled explanations in Thai and English which I am not sure anyone really understood.

The reason for the anger?

For some time now Lek has been a planning a short trip back home to Nong Khai. She has to take care of a number of family matters and she planned the trip so that it coincided with a big festival at a nearby Wat. All her friends and relations are coming.

1457235940138Song was going with her, as she is not yet ready to be left in the hands of Mobi and her big brother…. Then, the other day, out of the blue, Song’s schoolteacher called Lek to tell her that Song would be taking exams during the week that Lek had planned to go to Nong Khai.

This is something that happens all the time. Teachers call parents or send home notes to inform us that the tomorrow is a holiday or tomorrow they are going out on a field trip and need help with transport and a host of other things, that will disrupt family life.

There is never a thought about whether the parents can take off from work, or interrupt their daily lives without proper notice. It is the same with the end of term exams – nobody knows exactly when the exams will be held until a few days before they take place.

But it is even worse than this.

Schools never know exactly when they will start a new term, or when they will finish the old term. It is completely crazy – even the teachers don’t know. Everyone has to wait for  pronouncements coming from ‘on high’ which are only given at the very last moment. The kids just come home one day and tell us “we’re on holiday.” But we don’t even know when the new term will start. We just wait for the call…

What a way to run a state school system! No two schools are the same; they all break-up and start on different days. Neung, our son, has already taken his exams.

So poor Lek will have to reschedule her trip home and miss the festival and will miss the chance to catch up with  all her friends and relatives.

That is why she is angry.




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