Mobi-Babble – 5th October, 2014


As yet, there have been no serious enquiries from prospective buyers for Mobi’s Bar.

A few people have asked at the bar for my phone number but have failed to call; another man from Bangkok asked for precise directions and then his wife called later to confirm she would be coming, but a week later, we are still waiting for them to arrive…

A couple of Thai women have expressed an interest – both of them married to expats, so they obviously expect their respective husbands to dip into their pockets.

One asked if she could pay 50% down and the rest in instalments after she had taken over the bar.

No… I don’t think so…

I am not too concerned as it will take a while for the word to spread, and I am quite sure it will go eventually.  I must be patient.

In the meantime Lek and I have to press on and ensure the business is still a ‘going concern’ when we do eventually attract a buyer.

This past week business has been excellent, and on Friday night we had quite a crowd in which gave us one of our highest day’s takings for quite a while.

Earlier in the week (Wednesday) we had yet another karaoke night to bid farewell to one of Mobi’s damsels who was returning home, and that also produced a very decent night’s take, despite the fact that many of our regulars stayed away, (as did I), in order to prevent ear damage.

So business-wise, things are continuing to go very well, but unfortunately on the home front it is not quite the same story.

Lek is exhausted as she does a lion’s share of the work at the bar and often has to get by on just a few hours’ sleep. Last night, she took a shower at about 3 a.m. – and then suddenly shouted out to me from the bathroom. I rushed in to find her crouched on the floor, shivering. She was freezing cold and her lips had gone a nasty shade of blue.

I comforted her and gently led her back into the bedroom where she lay down and I covered her with the duvet. She slowly warmed up and her body returned to normal. I have no idea what had happened, but I suspect that the stress from worrying about the bar and my bad health, and her exhaustion due to lack of sleep is getting to her. It is not good.

As for me, my stomach seems to be getting progressively worse. It seems to takes most of the day to settle down, and whenever I get ready to drive down to the bar, it flares up again and I become plagued with diarrhoea.

On Friday afternoon there was a violent thunderstorm which caused a predictable power cut, and when it was over I had to rush down to the bar to reset the TV’s and sound system which had been thrown out of kilter by the power surge and  outages.

A soon as I arrived at the bar I was doubled up with stomach pains and had to sit down for a while before I could get to work and rectify the problems.

The exact same thing happened yesterday, (Saturday).

Lek called me at around 2.30 pm to tell me that her computer had crashed and she couldn’t get the music going. An hour later I drove to the bar and immediately spent the next 15 minutes in the bar loo – this was even after I spent 10 minutes in my loo at home before leaving….

This is what it has come to, and this is why we have to call it a day, business growth notwithstanding.


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5 thoughts on “Mobi-Babble – 5th October, 2014”

  1. You may find a book by Joel Fuhrman called “Eat to Live” helpful with your health. I am an American who has been in the healthcare business for over 40 years. I can honestly say that mainstream medicine is woefully dificient and often downright dangerous in their allopathic approach to healthcare. The populations of the world are living longer but are sicker than they have ever been before. In spite of the vast body of knowledge available today the major killers….. heart/vascular diseases, cancers, dementias, autoimmune diseases, diabetes and gastrointestinal problems are all on the rise/increase and causing misery and suffering for countless millions/billions of good and well meaning folks. Medicine is pretty much controlled by big pharma, insurance and government agencies. They actually need a lot of sick people because that is what keeps them all in business. If the world was truly healthy most of them would have no job anymore, so it is in their self interest to make it appear that they are interested in the patient’s well being. A real paradox! Many physicians are good and well meaning individuals who themselves are smart while at the same time are actually ignorant regarding how to really make the body whole. This is NOT taught in the medical institutions of the world. I know….I went through it myself with thousands of others. Modern medicine for the most part treats symptoms and very rarely cures anyone of the underlying causes of their disease.

    When I read of your pain and sufferings and those of others too, I wish it could all change and everyone could enjoy optimum physical health because I know that it is achievable.

    An Admirer of your Writings


    1. The answer is ‘no’ and ‘no’…

      But even if I did.. so what? I have IBS which is largely stress related and is in no way infectious.

      If I go to the loo, as does everyone from time to time, I always wash my hands thoroughly, as do the staff who are handling the food.

      I honestly fail to see the point. Do you really think I would rush straight from the toilet and start cooking food for customers without washing my hands?

      For your information, we have several notices posted in Thai and English around the WC and the kitchen areas, reminding everyone – staff and customers alike – to wash their hands….


      1. Sure, toss a salad and cut up fruit for the bar while you’re at it 🙂

        Sorry to hear about your condition and hopefully it improves soon. When I was young one of my gf’s had IBS and suffered terribly and mostly in silence as it wasn’t widely known back then. Best of luck with your recovery and the sale of the bar!


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