Mobi-Babble – 2nd November, 2014


“Momento Beach” Restaurant – Jomtien


My retirement from the bar scene was not quite the sudden transformation in lifestyle as I had originally envisaged, as during the days following the sale, I was continually called back to the bar to fix the sound system that had repeatedly been ‘playing up’.

I should add that I had warned the new owner about the temperamental state of the sound system and had not wished to include it in the sale for that very reason.

I had explained that there was a ‘secondary’ music system,  with its own speakers that played CD’s and had quite decent sound; but the buyer had insisted that he needed the main video sound system – warts an’all – and wouldn’t  blame me if it kept going wrong – which it of course it did.

So I made a number of trips to the bar during the initial post-sale period and met up with many of my then –ex-customers who all wished me well in my new found leisure and my future endeavours.

I should add that I was still awaiting the second tranche of the bar-sale money to hit my bank  so it was probably it was in my best interests to keep the new owner ‘sweet’ until the funds arrived – not that I wouldn’t have helped him out anyway… just from the goodness of my heart….


Out of the blue, a couple of days after we completed the sale,the new owner invited us out for dinner with him and his Thai business partner. We gracefully accepted and had a very nice meal at the ‘Momento Beach”, off Thepprasit Road, Jomtien.

IMG_9796 IMG_9805

‘Mr, Nifty’, our host, was very gracious and there was clearly no ulterior motive involved in what turned out to be a very enjoyable evening out. He really seems to be one of the ‘good guys’ and I no longer harboured any qualms about the remainder of my sale money finding its way into my bank account.

As if to reward my confidence, the missing money duly arrived the very next day and I thought that my ties with Mobi’s bar were irretrievably severed for ever.

But even now, more than 2 weeks post sale, they are still calling me to come and fix things. At the time of writing this blog – 11 a.m. on Sunday 2nd November – I plan to go down to the bar yet again and try to see why one of the televisions isn’t working and also to show the new owner how to close down the till for end of month reports….

will I ever get away from it?

In the meantime, despite the fact that my health was still somewhat ‘changeable’ to say the least, I thought I’d better do the decent thing and arrange a trip for the family to go to Nong Khai so that Lek and her children could visit with the family, who she hadn’t seen for many months.

I was dreading the 9 hour plus journey with my dicky tummy and the problems I would encounter in finding a decent western style toilet on the road, but decided it was worth the effort. After all, Lek deserved it after all the hard work and heartache she had shared with me in trying to run the bar.

So we set off on Thursday (23rd Oct) and returned on Monday (27th Oct) and the full, illustrated story of that trip is recounted under the separate heading, “Nong Khai – A Brief Pictorial Sojourn.

We have been back in Pattaya since last Monday evening and I have been trying, with mixed success, to get my head down and do some ‘content’ writing for a guy who is building a website dedicated to writing about tourism and festivals  in the Thai provinces.

I confess I find this work quite hard as there is no creative element to it and all that I am really doing is regurgitating facts from a number of internet sources and producing a ‘finished product’ which provides a comprehensive, concise summary of each of Thailand’s 76 provinces. But I will press on as I really need the money.

Maybe after time it will become easier, as in the absence of anything else, it is now my sole source of income, other than my minuscule state pension.

At the time of writing I am expecting to meet the owner of the website over the weekend to discuss my future involvement, but I am still awaiting confirmation of his arrival in Pattaya.

On Friday, I went to a ‘creative writing’ group meeting in Pattaya, at the invitation of one of the group members, who has been a long time reader of my blog.

The meeting was stimulating and quite enjoyable; I will try to make it a weekly event in my life, other work permitting.

Now its time to go back to my ex-bar and see if I can solve a few problems….

More next week.





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