Mobi-Babble – 2nd March, 2014


I am very pleased to say that I continue to make great strides on the health front. The medication from my new specialist at Siriraj Hospital seems to be working well and I haven’t had any abdominal pains for ages and my diarrhoea seems to be more or less a thing of the past.  In fact, quite the opposite as I often tend to get a little constipated and at the time of writing, this is my third day without any ‘movements’.

I am now eating a wider variety of foods than before, and while I am still careful not to eat too many fatty foods and to keep my meals quite small, so far, there have been no adverse reactions.

I still prepare some food in my slow cooker, as they are very healthy and I cook enough for a least 4 meals and I can keep them in my freezer for later consumption.

Most days, I go out for a brisk, late afternoon’s constitutional, during which I am also managing to do 2 or 3 ‘mini-spurts’ of jogging as well. The aim is to slowly increase the amount of jogging as that will really get the heart going even better than walking, and will also help keep my weight down.


We are still enjoying relatively cool weather here around the lake, and while the temperature gets up to the mid-thirties in the middle of the afternoon, nights and mornings are still  lovely and cool with temperatures in the mid to high teens. (Celsius). I can’t recall the last time we ran an air conditioner at night.


This morning, Noo took off for her annual summer camp with the school scouts. She will be away for two nights, returning on Monday, so I have to fend for myself. This will be her last camp, as hopefully, later this year she will finally graduate from secondary school – only about 14 years late…..


I’m afraid that the week has been dominated by the sickness and passing of  my beautiful golden labrador, Cookie, who sadly passed on Thursday morning. It was a very distressing time, and tears still come to my eyes every time I think of her or whenever I come across some memory of her in the home. Even her uneaten pills are enough to set me off.



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