Mobi-Babble – 26th June 2016




Not a great deal to report, as little has happened worthy of note in the past two weeks.

Sunny Boy the Bulldog had a wash…

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Lek celebrated losing 3 kilos by buying a slice of pizza…



…and Mobi’s few remaining investments dropped in value by over 10% following the UK Referendum….


Snakes Alive!

There is a lot about snakes in this week’s blog. (See my Notes from a Tainted Paradise)

So it was about time that we joined in the fun of snakes turning up in unusual places. Lek has been terrified that one would turn up in our loo, and I couldn’t convince her that even the smartest snake finds western-style loos a bit challenging.

But she sort of had the last laugh when she discovered a baby python in our neighbour’s garden. Not in the loo, but near enough the house to give her the willies. (Also see my snake article …)

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Not to worry, we called the local snake charmer and after a few anxious moments he caught the poor little diddums and took him away – either to release into the wild – or for a delicious snake supper.


Chinese whispers

Despite the plummeting value of the pound sterling, (which I am generally paid in), I’m still busy writing content for websites and I still find it as mind-numbing as ever. I did hope that I would find doing this work more tolerable over the passage of time, but if anything, the opposite is true.

After I have spent days on end writing stuff for new websites, all based on stuff I have culled from existing websites, I start to go ga-ga. When I sit down at my keyboard in the morning, I find it very difficult to make a start. And when I finally get going, I sometimes tend to get sloppy with the output, and then I have to do it again…

When I research a subject on a number of websites, I frequently come across similarities in the writing from one site to another. Passages of text have either been copied and pasted, (which is fairly common), or increasingly, the text has been changed in subtle ways to avoid the plagiarism traps.

In many respects, this is worse; because what is happening is that website writers are re-writing original copy and in the process are unknowingly changing the original meaning or intent of the article. Then another content writer comes along and changes that copy again as he tries to write it in his own words.

It’s a bit like Chinese whispers- you know, when you whisper a message to the person next to you and he whispers it to the next person, and so on and so on. After passing the message around a number of people, it ends up as a totally different message.

So not only do I come across lazy and amateurish attempts to re-write copy, but I also find that website “A” sometimes has a totally different spin on a subject to website “G”. This isn’t due to a difference in opinions – it is a distortion of the facts. I’ve seen it again and again – and it’s a worrying development that can only get worse over time.

We may well reach the point when we cannot trust anything we read online – even from respected websites. The source of information is only as good as the people who write it, and just about everyone who writes website content is researching their information from other websites. It’s much easier to do it this way than going down to a reference library, even if they could find one.


Guest Blogging

What I do find much more intellectually stimulating is writing ‘guest blogs’. I have done a few  of these lately for business-orientated blogs, and I quite enjoy writing them. It is not much different to writing articles for my own blog.

More to the point, my customers are always very happy with what I write. So this may be the future for me as this content writing lark is driving round the bend. It reminds me of my schooldays when I was always being put into detention and told to write a hundred lines. I still recall to this day how soul- destroying and pointless it was.

I must not flick rubber bands at my teacher,
I must not flick rubber bands at my teacher,
I must not flick rubber bands at my teacher,
I must not flick rubber bands at my teacher,

“Finished Sir!”

“Well done Mobi – now do it another 100 times…”

So if anyone out there needs a blog writer – I will be happy to oblige. My rates are very reasonable.


Meanwhile, I’m afraid my second novel in the series devoted to “The Six Wives of Mobi D’Ark” is continuing to occupy a back seat. I did do a bit of work on it last weekend and during a couple of late evenings, but there’s a very long way to go. I doubt I will have it finished this side of 2017 unless something magical happens in my financial circumstances, or my contract writing work dries up and I have nothing else to do.

Meanwhile… onwards and upwards as my old boss used to say….



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