Mobi Babble – 22nd March, 2014


I apologize for the break in my blog publication last weekend. By way of mitigation, I am posting this week’s blog on Saturday, instead of Sunday.These days, I do my utmost to ensure some kind of weekly posting, but the unexpected arrival of my eldest daughter for a 10 day stay totally disrupted my daily routine, as you may imagine.

We had a great time together and made numerous shopping, eating and other excursions in and around Pattaya, (including Wat Songmettawanaram, and the lovely beach at Sattahip), but a majority of the time was spent at home, around the pool, chatting swimming and playing with the dogs.

I don’t quite understand how I managed it, but I am blessed with two wonderful daughters; the younger one is now 27 and the elder, (who visited me) is 37. They are both house-owners in stable marriages; both are gainfully employed in worthwhile jobs, and both have loving, hard-working husbands. They also get along very well with each other, in spite of the ten year age gap – or maybe because of it.

The only thing neither of them have is any children; but I’m not complaining. There is still plenty of time left for that, but if not, then so be it. Their personal happiness far outweighs any desire I may have to be a grandfather.


My health continues to stabilize and I am slowly getting used to my daily dose of anti-depressants. I still feel incredibly sleepy in the morning and it takes me a long time to get going. This is something that has never happened to me before. Throughout my life, however much sleep I had – 2 hours or 12 hours or anything in between, as soon as I woke up, I would be alert and ready to go; but now, as long as I keep taking these pills, waking up quickly seems to be a thing of the past.

Yesterday, we drove to Bangkok for an appointment with my specialist at Siriraj hospital, and he insists that I continue with the anti-depressants. He is convinced that the anti-depressants form the main basis of my recovery and I am in no position to argue as so far, the improvement in my condition is spectacular, to say the least.

He told me that I can slowly reduce some of the other meds he prescribed, which is a relief, as right now, if I include all the heart and other meds I am taking, I have to swallow 12 pills/capsules at night and a further 6 in the morning, to say nothing of my 4 insulin shots per day and 2 eye drops for my glaucoma.

Sometimes I feel like a walking pharmacy…


While she was here, my daughter helped me choose a few items to put on my eBay website for my ‘Mobi’s Thai handicrafts project’. The ‘vehicle rental’ season will soon be coming to an end and I urgently need another source of income.

I suppose I should have known in advance, but it came as quite a shock to discover that new sellers on eBay are only permitted to have a maximum of 10 items or US$500 in value,(whichever comes first), for sale at any one time, until I have ‘proved’ myself and acheived positive customer feedback. I really don’t know how long this may take, but clearly we are talking months rather than weeks; so it will be a long slow process, assuming, of course that anyone wants to buy my stuff.

Anyway, I will soldier on, and will update you on the progress of this project both in Mobi-Babble, and also in my section entitled Mobi’s eMarketplace. (Previously entitled Mobi’s eBook Marketplace).

Currently, I have a three items up for sale although they are really only ‘test’ items, to see how the system works, although  I have actually sold one; but if anyone else is interested, then they are priced competitively and can be sold…no problems…of course!

Next week, hopefully, I will put up my first two ‘proper’ items for sale and then we’ll see how it goes.


In this past week, almost within a 24 hour period, the weather has suddenly changed from cool ‘winter mode’, to very hot ‘summer mode’. According to my Samsung weather app, the local temperature in the area I live is now hitting 41 degrees Celsius in the mid-afternoon, although, frankly I find that difficult to believe it is that high – but who knows?

Whatever the temperature really is, it’s certainly bloody hot from about midday until sunset around 6 p.m., and yes, we have started to use our aircon overnight. The dogs love it!

next to  Wat Songmettawanaram, Bang Sarae
next to Wat Songmettawanaram, Bang Sarae

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