Mobi- Babble – 22nd February, 2014

Mobi- Babble

The condition of Cookie, my golden retriever, continues to deteriorate. We took her to the vet last Monday and the blood test showed that the blood parasite was gone and that her liver was back to normal.

But the problem now is her skin cancer. It has spread over her body and nasty brown wheals have appeared on her skin, some of which occasionally suppurate and fester. The vet told me that if the cancer remains on her skin she may live for a year or two, but if it spreads to her organs, then she will only have a month or two left.

She is very weak and can hardly walk, and when she does, I have to help her to her feet and she hobbles very slowly, in obvious pain. She spends the night lying beside my bed, and in the morning I help her into the garden where she relives herself and then she flops out in the middle of the floor where she can see me wherever I happen to be. She won’t move all day until it is time to go back in the bedroom.

She is eating and drinking very little. She just has a couple of spoonful’s of dog meat, fed by hand, and maybe a bit of chicken and banana. She won’t touch her dried food, which she used to devour with such relish. She seems to have a problem in digesting the food and convulses slightly after eating.

She spends most of her time sleeping or staring at me pitifully with her large brown eyes. Sometimes I can hardly bare to look at her.

I will take her back to the vet on Monday and see what he has to say as Cookie has definitely become much worse in the past few days. I think she has ‘mast cell tumours’ which can only be treated by surgery and chemo and even then, for most dogs it will only prolong life for a short while.

I think she is near the end, but I really don’t know how long. A part of me wants it to be over soon so that her suffering can stop.

Cookie 22 Feb 2014


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