Mobi-Babble – 21st June, 2015

IMG_1643 - Copy
Warwick Castle

Mobi- Babble

Reporting in from Blighty

We’ve been in England for two weeks – to be honest it feels like a month – and we’re starting to miss our home, our kids and our three dogs.

Anyway the girls, (Lek and my eldest daughter), have gone out shopping, so I thought I’d write few words and also post some ‘taster’ pics of our UK sojourn.

The direct Thai Airways flight was absolutely fine and arrived on time at Heathrow, where we embarked at a brand new terminal two. After a mile walk, from plane to arrivals area, (the distance was confirmed by the immigration officer, who told us it was known as the ‘golden mile’) – we sailed through immigration and customs and were out in the arrivals hall within 30 minutes of landing.

Unfortunately, there was no sign of my brother who was supposed to pick us up.  After 90 minutes of phone calls, (via the only public call box left in the airport), we suddenly discovered that he had been there all the time- in fact since 6 a.m. but for some inexplicable reason, we didn’t see each other. It wasn’t even that crowded!! Crazy I know, but true.

Anyway, we were soon installed in my brother’s house in Tonbridge, Kent where we spent the next 8 days.

As ever, we were the happy recipients of wonderful hospitality and during our stay we made trips to the south coast, (Ferring – near Worthing), to meet two of my cousins; to Sheffield Park and the Bluebell railway; to Tunbridge Wells; to London for window shopping in Regents Street and Oxford Street and a stroll to Marble Arch and Hyde Park; then back to London a few days later to see the west end show revival, “Miss Saigon”, which has won a load of theatre awards this year; a day trip to historic Chatham Dock Yard and, at Lek’s request, a visit to a local fruit farm to see strawberries and other fruit being grown.

Last Saturday, (13th June), we two intrepid explorers made our way alone from Tonbridge to London where we boarded the train from Euston to Birmingham. All went without a hitch, and my eldest daughter was waiting for us at New Street station to meet us.

My daughter now lives in an apartment right in the centre of Birmingham and during the past week, we have been out almost every day, including: a long walk around Birmingham town centre; a morning in Cannon Hill park; an afternoon at the Botanical gardens; and a day out at Warwick Castle.

As with my brother and his wife during the previous week, my daughter has looked after us like babies and made us so welcome. I really am blessed.

Tomorrow, Saturday, my youngest daughter will be driving over from her home in Stamford to pick us up for the final leg of our trip to stay with her, her husband and my new grandson in Stamford.

So far, the weather has been sunny and completely dry except for an overnight storm in Kent. There was a biting wind when we spent the day at Chatham, but apart from that it has been almost perfect. I always seem to get good weather when I come to England – fingers crossed that it continues into our final week.

I have had no access to the internet since I have been in Birmingham, so this blog will not be posted before Sunday 21st June.

Almost certainly, I will add a brief update at that time.


When I was in Kent, I made contact with the PR Company who is going to promote my new novel, Azzy, and we have agreed some changes I will make when I commence the re-write. I am getting quite excited about this and can’t wait to get back to Thailand and start the work. I feel that the suggestions I have received from the PR Company and my little team of readers can only make the book much better.

Much is riding on this venture and the sooner I can get it done and dusted, the better.


Amazingly, since I have been in the UK, my health has been almost perfect. My stomach and bowels have been behaving themselves extremely well, and I can only put it down to being more relaxed and under less stress. I really am being looked after royally by Lek and my family.

The only adverse medical incident was an unexpected pain attack in my upper abdomen when I was on the train from London to Birmingham. I took some of my very strong painkillers and by the time I arrived in Birmingham, the pain had all but gone, although I was still ‘high’ on the pain meds the next morning.


UPDATE – 21st June

All went well yesterday, (Saturday), and we were picked up by my youngest daughter, her husband and my new grandson – no he wasn’t driving…..

We are now ensconced in lovely Stamford, Lincolnshire, and I will try to make another post next weekend, before flying back to Thailand on Monday evening.

P.S. The weather is till fine, despite the adverse weather forecasts, and we all went for a lovely walk today through the town and thence to Burghley.


As mentioned above, I am posting some ‘tasters’ of the hundreds of photographs I have been taking during the trip, and when I get back into my blog routine in Thailand, I shall be posting many more over the coming weeks.


Bangkok Airport, in the air, and arrivals

IMG_0768 IMG_0775

IMG_0798 IMG_0789


Tunbridge Wells – Kent

IMG_0814 IMG_0809 IMG_0802 IMG_0799

Sheffield Park, East Sussex
IMG_0821 IMG_0831 IMG_0833 IMG_0851 IMG_0888


Bluebell Railway, East Sussex

IMG_0938 IMG_0935 IMG_0939 IMG_0941 IMG_0963


Ferring (near Worthing) – West Sussex.

IMG_1010 IMG_1031 IMG_1039


Fruit Farm and flower shop – Kent

IMG_1056 IMG_1063 IMG_1070


‘At Home’ in Tonbridge

IMG_1083 IMG_1086


London – Sightseeing and ‘Window Shopping, etc.

IMG_1099 IMG_1094 IMG_1102 IMG_1104 IMG_1107 IMG_1126 IMG_1141


Royal Naval Dockyard – Chatham, Kent

IMG_1160 IMG_1162 IMG_1163 IMG_1170 IMG_1191 IMG_1224 IMG_1278



Back to London for ‘Miss Saigon’
IMG_1366 IMG_1369



Cannon Hill Park – Birmingham

IMG_1398 IMG_1399 IMG_1401 IMG_1408 IMG_1425


Birmingham Town Centre

IMG_1451 IMG_1456 IMG_1465 IMG_1474 IMG_1476 IMG_1508 IMG_1527

Botanical Gardens – Birmingham

IMG_1532 IMG_1545 IMG_1549 IMG_1579 IMG_1591 IMG_1605


Warwick Castle

IMG_1644 - Copy IMG_1645 - Copy IMG_1681 - Copy IMG_1708 - Copy IMG_1763


MAB mini pic


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