Mobi-Babble – 20th April, 2014



Programming my new Sharp cash register took much longer than I thought, but I am pleased to announce that I finally got there.

The 150 page instruction book, which reads as though it was translated from the original Japanese by a computer, was often impossible to fathom. Despite its voluminous length, it distinguishes itself by the number of functions it  fails to explain – rather than those that it does– very badly.

Not content with this, the Sharp people in Thailand, must have decided to override much of the till printable/till screen language into Thai, thus making it even more difficult for a poor demented, ageing farang to figure out.

By way of example, I can only do programming  in English in upper case, as if I use  lower case, the result comes out in Thai script.  I can’t even access the simple inverted comma or apostrophe as they have been overwritten in Thai script. There was no mention of this ‘re-programming’, in either the English – or Thai – manual….

Anyway, always up for a challenge, after 3 long days of trial and error and sweating buckets, I finally succeeded in programing the bloody thing in English and can now run off daily/monthly sales and stock reports which I can also upload onto my PC, by way of an SD card. I can also programme the till from my PC and then upload the details back onto the till from the SD card. So all’s well that ends well.

I’ve written my own list of instructions, (running to some 10 pages), because at my age, the details don’t stick in my memory quite like they used to – there isn’t enough space left on my brain’s hard disk….and the English manual is impossible to follow.


Noo returned on Thursday from her trip to see her family in Nong Khai, and today (Saturday) she is off to Pattaya with her son to play Songkran….

There is still much to do to prepare the new bar for our ‘soft’ opening, scheduled for 1st May; so next week, once the mayhem of Songkran has finally died down, we will get back into it.

We are really in the height of ‘summer’ now, with day time temperatures in the high 30’s/low 40’s and night-time  temperatures dropping to the mid 20’s. Humidity is slowly rising, so it’s not particularly pleasant, and we welcome the odd thunderstorm that cools everything down for a while.

I’m still taking my evening walks on most days, and have now got into the habit of taking my Labrador, Micky with me for company and  doggy exercise. I keep him on the lead and he trots along beside me, whether I’m walking or occasionally jogging, and he thoroughly enjoys himself. Upon return, I meet up with Noo just outside our gated village, with Somchai and Yoghurt, (our two little Shih Tzus), and we all return home, en pack.

Since my recovery from the ‘phantom pancreatitis’, I have tried to keep my food intake at moderate levels and so far have succeeded in retaining my weight at around 85 kilos, (it was previously around 92kilos).

I have been also delighted to discover that my early morning ‘wake up’ and late night blood pressure readings are finally within acceptable ranges – the first time this has happened for as long as I can remember.

I take a host of pills – beta blockers, statins and other stuff – to keep my BP under control, and while it normally keeps the BP low for most of the day, I have never been able to control my early morning and late night BP. After years of tinkering with my medication, it has finally come into line, which is extremely gratifying. I put it down to a combination of my weight-loss, my daily exercise and healthier eating habits. (Plus of course total abstinence form alcohol and tobacco).

So to those of you out there with BP issues – take heart, (no pun intended), it can be sorted, even if it takes a few years to get there.

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