Mobi-Babble – 1st November, 2015


Micky in his new bed

As you will have seen from my main “Azzy Promotion” article, I have been very busy over the last few days preparing my book for printing by Amazon and it wasn’t until late last night (Saturday) that I was able to reach a point in the process where I was able to take a break.

I had to use the Kindle version of my book and turn the text file ‘on its head ‘ and get it re-formatted for printing a paperback.

Producing a book for the eBook format was hard enough for this old Luddite,  but preparing files for ‘printing’ was a whole new ball game.

When the text file was finally submitted successfully, (after having been rejected several times due to formatting errors), I then had to design my own book cover.

The front part of the cover was easy enough as I used the same design I am using for the eBook, but the process involved to produce a new back cover may appear to be simple enough, but believe me, it ain’t.

Deciding on the content for the back cover was easy, but the converting my  ‘artwork’ into an image that met Amazon’s requirements took me many hours of trial and error – working out how I could make the image satisfy the precise specifications in terms of quality, size, ‘dpi’ count and much more. Anyway, I got there in the end.


Meanwhile back at the new Mobi-ranch….

The family arrived back from Nong Khai last Sunday afternoon, just as I was putting last week’s blog ‘to bed’. As ever, the dogs went crazy and also as ever, Lek emerged from her 10-hour + drive still full of energy and raring to go.

Well.... almost...
Well…. almost…

Also, as ever, the Mobi pick-up was jam-packed with Issan food, which now – a week later – shows no signs of running out. It’s som tum pala for breakfast lunch and dinner… Phew! What a whiff!


Lek’s Fly-Screen Project

Lek has spent almost the entire week making mosquito/ fly nets for all the windows and doors and also making curtains. The work is now about 80% complete, and I must hand it to her – she is a genius.

She ordered some cheap ‘ready-made’ mosquito type nets from Bangkok, but none of them fitted properly and she has had to buy local material to add to the mix to cover the whole window and door areas.

It has been quite a project, but they look good and do the job. The house is now free of irritating insects. Best of all is the cost, which has been very low – a fraction of what a professional fly screen maker would have charged, and for cutains, just chap material from the markets. After all, it’s not our house.

I really don’t know what I would do without her.

IMG_2647 IMG_2646 IMG_2645 IMG_2643 IMG_2642


The world Cup – Rugby… not Football..

I suppose I cannot let the 2015 Rugby world cup pass without making a few comments.

I have a confession to make.

I am not a huge rugby fan, but I do like to watch the major international competitions.

I had been looking forward to this ‘feast of sport’ but am somewhat ashamed to admit that once England were out, I lost all interest and haven’t watched another match.

I know – I am a bad loser – but after all the hype, once I had no home team to support, my interest evaporated.

I still fail to understand just why it was that England, as hosts, were placed in the ‘group of death’. It just doesn’t make sense to me – the only one of three major rugby nations that had to play two other major nations to get out of their group.

Surely, after spending all that money and making all that effort to stage the event, the least they could have had was an easier group to qualify from? Maybe I’m missing something here….

I guess the truth is they just weren’t good enough.

Anyway, I have read that there were some very exciting and open matches that enthralled all those who weren’t bad losers like me and carried on watching.

Congratulations to the Kiwis for winning back-to-back world cups – and commiserations to the Aussies. I hear it was a great game.


More FIFA Corruption!

Meanwhile, back on the FIFA front, judging from the lack of outrage, it seems that nobody was particularly surprised to learn that Sepp Blatter, the disgraced, suspended president of FIFA, admitted the other day that the awarding of the 2018 world Cup Venue to Russia was ‘agreed’, (i.e fixed), before the vote.

It was also interesting to learn that the venue for the 2022 World Cup was also agreed before the vote; it was intended to go to the USA.

Unfortunately, they hadn’t reckoned on Monsieur Platini – the disgraced and suspended president of UEFA being ‘persuaded’ at the last moment on the virtues of taking the world’s greatest sporting tournament to Qatar. (And taking a number of his mates with him – enough to swing the vote.)

Qatar – a country with zero footballing pedigree, a country where human rights abuses are perpetrated on a massive scale and where the temperatures hover at over 50 degrees centigrade during the summer – when the tournament is scheduled. A country with no football stadiums with a plan to import wholesale slave labour from the Indian sub-continent at a cost of astronomical billions to build the required venues.

Just think what good that money might have done if it was used to better the lives of the millions of poor in that self-same sub-continent. And who will use all these stadia after the tournament is over? What a colossal waste of money….It’s obscene.

Qatar is also a country that awarded substantial contracts to France following a meeting between the Qatari prime minister and the French President (Sarkozy) and Platini just before the vote took place.

Qatar is also a country which provided employment to Platini’s son in a state-owned business – again just before the vote took place.

The fact that Blatter seems to have no compunction in admitting that ‘his’ FIFA had fully intended to fix things ahead of the vote, indicates an  entrenched dishonesty that is hard for us regular folks to credit. It would seem that the perpetrators of these corrupt agreements feel they have done nothing wrong and that backroom deals are fine.

No matter that countries like England and Australia spent untold millions preparing bids that were pre-destined to fail, and that many FIFA delegates lied through their teeth when they told them that they would support their bids.

If they don’t get rid of this entire rotten, stinking bunch of world FIFA officials, football will surely sink into a corrupt cesspit of its own making.

As for the candidates who have put themselves up to replace Blatter as President, most, if not all of them seem to be from the same, wretchedly tainted backgrounds.  

Indeed, it will be a very sad day for world football if  Shaikh Salman Bin Ebrahim Al Khalifa from Bahrain – another country with an appalling human rights record -succeeds in obtaining the presidency.

He was a very close backer of Blatter and is currently President of the Asian Football Association. He is a member of the Bahraini royal family that is enmeshed in human rights abuses that continue to plague that country and continue to outrage human rights activists throughout the world..

Do we really want such man to run world football?

Does anyone really care anymore?

MAB mini pic

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