Mobi-Babble – 1st June, 2014



I had intended to revert back to my usual weekly format of writing about the life and times of Mobi under the heading of Mobi-Babble, and in addition to this, writing  an article or two on other matters of general interest.

However, it is now 2.00 pm on Sunday, 1st June and I am not at all sure how much I can write as I have to be back at the bar by 6 pm at the latest. I’ll see how it goes.

Last night saw the conclusion of our first full month of trading (well 29 days anyway) and I would be a doom-sayer indeed if I didn’t concede that so far, things seem to have gone pretty well.

It will be a few days yet before I determine whether or not we have broken even, as I now have to analyse all the spread sheets produced by the POS till/computer, and prepare a monthly trading account. Last night we took a physical stock count, so I will also be able determine the amount of shortages/overages – hopefully minimal, as we keep very close control and all stock is locked up over-night.

Off the top of my head, looking at the raw numbers, I reckon we will be close to break even, but what may have put us in the red was the first two weeks, when we had a permanent ‘Happy Hour’ and we sold everything – including ladies’ drinks – at a 20 % discount.

After the first two weeks, we continued the happy hour for the rest of the month from noon till 5 pm and from the 1st June, it will be shortened further – Noon to four pm.

I am sure that if we had not had the ‘Happy Hour’ promotion, then we would certainly be in the black by now.

Anyway, it was a very good start by any standards, and it is now important that we maintain our level of business and build on it.

We still have a staff complement of five ladies, (including Noo), who all worked extremely well during the month; serving drinks and generally keeping our customers happy. We are still looking to increase the staff numbers, and hopefully this will happen over the next day or so, but I won’t ‘count my chickens’ quite yet. (Excuse the pun).

Today is pay day and we will never know for sure if our ladies will stay with us for another month until they have their salary in their hands.

Nearly all the bars adopt the practise of withholding their girls’ salaries until 5th or 6th of the month as by that time the girl will already be owed nearly a week’s pay in the new month and will be less inclined to ‘walk’.

As with many established bar practices, I refuse to do this, and if the girls wish to change jobs, they can do so with my blessing.

I have been told that the new owner of the adjacent bar has told the girls that they must persuade their customers to buy them a minimum 100 ‘ladies’ drinks per month, plus a ‘yet to be determined’ number of ‘short times’. If they fail to reach their set targets they will be fined and the money will be deducted from their salary.

I think this is an appalling practice and I want no part of it. As stated in earlier blog, I may technically qualify to be described as a pimp, but I will always do my utmost to ensure that the ladies are treated with respect and meticulous fairness.

Even though their choice of work may not be considered amongst the most respectable , I want them to feel happy and content.

Mobi’s ladies will never be obliged to do anything they do not wish to do, and that includes drinking with drunken expats who insist on mauling them.


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