Mobi-Babble – 19th January, 2014


Soon after putting my blog to bed last Sunday, the pain in my abdomen returned and didn’t abate until Tuesday, so I had thee sleepless nights and a very miserable time of it. I have no idea what caused this sudden explosion of pain; it was so bad that even the act of breathing in caused violent waves of pain in my midriff. The pains finally subsided on Tuesday afternoon but by that time I was totally spaced out on pain meds and the aftermath has been an intense depression as I have been fighting through the withdrawal process.

It is now Saturday morning as I write this and I am slowly feeling a bit better about things. There have been no more pain attacks but feel I have some way to go before the dark cloud of despair lifts from my shoulders.

Even though there has been little or no pain for several days, I am still suffering from constant diarrhoea which leaves me debilitated and adds to my depression.

So this week I’m really in no mood to write a long blog and I will plug this gap in my ‘depressive writer’s block’ by reproducing an article on the political impasse in Thailand which was by written recently by Jeffrey Race

Mr Race, an American, has been a resident of Thailand for 45 years and has lived though many of Thailand’s upheavals over the past half century, starting from the regime’s collapse in 1973.

I think his deeply thoughtful, incisive and well-informed article explains the current political impasse here much better than I could ever hope to do.



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