Mobi-Babble – 12th October, 2014


Yesterday, I posted a ‘special’ blog which advertised my bar for sale. So far, there have been a few tentative enquiries, but nothing that seems to be at all serious. It is still early days, and I am confident that sooner or later someone will come along and ‘make me an offer I can’t refuse’.

In the meantime we must soldier along and run the bar as usual.


I have given up on the car rental business, as the one remaining car that I had out for rent has been in the rental shop for over a month. With the tourist numbers in Pattaya down 30-40% year on last year, there is clearly a massive oversupply of car rentals and unfortunately there is little prospect of making much money on our car in the near future.

The car is barely a year old, and when we collected it from the shop, we were dismayed to find that its bodywork was in pretty bad nick. It had clearly been in a number of scrapes and evidence of bumps, bangs, scratches  and botched up repair jobs were everywhere.

We have decided to cut our losses and will offload the car to one of Lek’s relations who is looking for good used car, but first we had to fix up all the bungled body repairs.

A week later and another £300 hole in my pocket, it is pretty much ready for sale, but due to the glut of cars in the second hand market here we will have had to take a hit of around £4,000 on the price we bought it for only a year ago.

Although we have been renting it out – off and on for a year- the rental income we have received doesn’t even come close to compensating us for the £4k loss.

Yet another bad business decision….


Back in April I started doing some ‘content- writing’ work for a guy who contacted me through my blog, but after a short while I was obliged to abandon the project, as the nigh on ’24/7′ onerous bar commitments soon took over my life.

I recently decided to re-contact the guy, on the principle that ‘nothing ventured nothing gained’ and was pleasantly surprised to learn that due to other reasons – unconnected with my failure to deliver – the project had been on hold and he was now happy for me to make a fresh start.

So with all the things that have not been going well in my life lately, this was a small glimmer of good news. Last week I started to slowly get myself back into gear and re-familiarise myself with the project, as and when my bar commitments have permitted.

This project is only the beginning of my efforts to find alternative sources of income. I really don’t know how long this current project will last. For sure, there will be a fair number of hours involved, but at best it will only pay a small part of my monthly bills.

However, anything is better than nothing, and I am really grateful to this person for keeping faith in me and my writing skills. I thank him most sincerely and I hope I can do a creditable job. Maybe I can build on this work over coming months.

In the meantime, I make no apologies for once more putting out an appeal to all you good folk out there to ask if you have any contacts or know of any links that may lead to ‘content writing’ work of one kind or another.

Once the bar is sold, I will be pinning all my hopes on finding enough writing work to survive.


On the health front, my stomach is still playing up something awful, and I doubt it will show much improvement until my life situation improves.

Yesterday I went out with Lek to visit a friend at his home, and I spent half the time there sitting on his loo. It was embarrassing and not at all satisfactory.

But as I constantly remind myself: “There are many who are much worse off than I.”

So I guess I have to grin and bear it…


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2 thoughts on “Mobi-Babble – 12th October, 2014”

  1. Brother, if you are throwing away thousands of pounds at a time you better simplify your life….and now. It is a long way down from living large on an income from “the city”, so you will have to find meaning in things other than consumption, status, or financial security for your new wife. Are you still trying to “make good” at such an advanced age? The word “hubris” comes to mind.

    Divest yourself of the superfluities and concentrate on your health and relationships. With luck you can have the most meaningful decade (or more) of your life. There is a huge dichotomy between your writings and these silly business schemes. Live within your means and enjoy the time remaining to you. It ain’t sexy, but it’s real. If she loves you she will stay. I think she does and she will.

    What would happen if you paid up your accounts and just walked away from the bar? Is the 15k pounds or so that you would get for it worth your life?

    No need to post this, just read and think about it please. I’m visiting in February and will stop by the bar for a visit but I sincerely hope to hear that you have moved on and are enjoying retired life with your lovely wife. Best wishes for a healthy and happy future!

    “For everything you have missed, you have gained something else, and for everything you gain, you lose something else.” Ralph Waldo Emerson


    1. Thank you for your comments.

      I don’t believe there is much hubris in trying to earn a few bob to pay the rent and feed my family. That is all I was trying to do. I have no desire or ambition to get back to where I was financially, and never for one moment did I believe that the bar would make me rich again. As it was, I worked my guts out for six months for nothing….

      That chapter is gone for good and all I want to do is get by.


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