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Home sweet Home

We are slowly settling into our new residence and the pile of boxes that at one stage threatened to overcome us has been substantially reduced.

Most of the necessary things for daily life have been unpacked and have found a suitable resting  place; and a majority of the items still remaining in boxes consist mainly of the ‘junk’ one collects in the course of a lifetime which eventually becomes surplus to requirements.

Occasionally, I need something that is still packed away somewhere  and I have to rummage around – sometimes successfully, sometimes not.

This morning I spent 30 minutes looking for my back brush scrubber and drew a blank. It’s not exactly a small item so I asked Lek if she’d come across it anywhere.

“Oh! I threw it away! It was very dirty!”

There is a danger that once we reach this stage of the moving process, that procrastination will set in and it will take weeks – possibly months – to finish the remainder of the unpacking and clear everything away. Unfortunately, I fear we have already lapsed…

I am still delighted with my new home. I particularly like the large master bedroom which is very bright and airy in the daytime, with the windows open and the breezes wafting through the room. The adjacent trees and fields provide a very pleasant aspect.  It’s a good place to relax and read a book or just contemplate life.


The two kids also have their own large-ish bedrooms, and downstairs my little office fits in very well at the ‘dining end’ of the lounge. It is separated from the TV/sitting area, by a nice counter with handy drawers. Again, with windows open on two sides I have almost too much in the way of breezes blowing through.

Here’s a few pics – I’m afraid they won’t exactly qualify for “House & Home” ….

IMG_2533 IMG_2527 IMG_2526


The three dogs have settled in well they seem to be happy after a day of rushing around like demented bloodhounds, sniffing and exploring their new environment.

Micky, our Labrador, and Yoghurt, one of our Shih Tzus, soon conquered the skill of running up and down the stairs, but the other Shih Tzu, Somchai, has become something of a ‘beached whale’, unable to go up and down the stairs unaided.

If I put him on the bottom stair, put his front legs on the next step and give him a little push, he scrambles up the lower flight of stairs unaided to the mid-landing, half way up. There he remains until I repeat the procedure for the upper flight of stairs.

It is the same going down. He refuses to go anywhere near the staircase (even if we leave him alone upstairs for an hour or more), but as soon as I place him on the top step, facing downwards and give him a gentle ‘shove’, he half runs and half slides down the stairs.

I’m not sure if he will ever manage it by himself although he is clearly capable of doing so – it’s all in his mind…

Any suggestions from any dog experts?

IMG_2538.JPGcrop and red

We have recommenced our late afternoon walks with the dogs and kids at a nearby ‘park’ and the dogs absolutely love it. Micky chases around like a foxhound, and both the Shih Tzus tear around at a surprising turn of speed, sometimes almost managing to keep up with the Labrador. They look like sprinting rabbits and they have an amazing amount of energy. I would never have thought they had it in them.


IMG_0587 IMG_0600 IMG_0706 IMG_0604

Some days we have been unable to go out due to the onset of the rainy season. Most days it has rained quite heavily, often non-stop for several hours.  As ever, there have been a fair number of electrical storms which scare the daylights out of the two Shih Tzus – Yoghurt in particular.

The other morning I woke up to find the road outside our house resembling a swiftly flowing stream.

“Oh no,” I thought, “Don’t tell me that after all these years of carefully choosing my house location, I have finally chosen to live at the bottom of a flood plain.”

But my fears proved unfounded. As soon as the rain stopped, (it had been raining for many hours), the water drained away within minutes. Phew… mind you, the neighbours to the right of us are not so lucky and the unmade road outside their homes has remained water-logged for days.

As long as the water doesn’t come into our house or garden it doesn’t really matter as our high-suspension Mobi-Mitsu pick-up truck can traverse all but the very deepest floods with ease.

I must go and see if the level of the lake has risen since this latest spell of wet weather. A few weeks ago, tropical storm Vamco only succeeding in raising the lake’s water level by a paltry 60 centimetres. I hope this current spell will add a bit more than that.

Our previous house was located in a pretty large gated village and we obtained our water from a large well within the village which supplied all the houses.

Now, for the first time in my life, I have my very own well in the back garden. We have two pumps: one that draws the water from the well and puts it in a large storage tank, and a second which pumps the water into the house.

Great fun, and more to the point, free water…


MAB mini pic

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