What The Hexit! – 26th June 2016



WTF happened?

First off, here is my daughter’s take on it.

Not a single soul survived on Mars.

Earth’s residents derided those fools
Who were unschooled mules unable to have foresight
Unable to see the destruction ahead
That they’d all be dead, they were led
Down the path of stupidity.

Out of nowhere appeared this Ludo Von Storm
with charisma and promises to this world so torn
“We are starving!:-
We a need a solution: Relocation!
To the Red Planet we’ll build a new population!
This world of passion will give us everything we need
The equipment’s ready to be built at speed

No more Rations! Clean Air! Free Medical Care!

All is explained about my promises
Published in these journals by Eminent Scientists

Just sign up and buy a one way ticket
It couldn’t be more simplistic”

At first Ludo was met with scorn, called a nut
But soon the southerners were the first to sign up
Then came Governor after governor, that boyband’s drummer
The president of Asia, even the latest winner of Big Brother
Engineers appeared on daytime tv
Astrophysicists, geologists, explaining the scheme
(Not that anyone watching could glean
what the hell they were trying to describe)
As Biochemists started to argue on both sides
Who could shout loudest over the divide?
Disagreeing about constants and the best type of fuel
Abstract disputes about molecules
Economists quibbling over financial models and
Philosophers fighting over morals
And to be honest, those who stayed –
It wasn’t because they weren’t swayed
They were either too frail or afraid to fly
Or spent their rations on luxury supplies
Hospital bills, Cheap thrills, baby milk –

And they were abandoned, left with the mess.
No one knows exactly what happened to the mission
Five months after their farewell expedition
(Ludo stayed behind, of course, to prepare for the second wave)
But no one else arrived, and no one was saved
They were fated to be
a colony decimated.

Those left behind feeling pretty smug
Shaking their heads at those stupid fucks
Who were full of hope and ambition.
It was so obvious to see Ludo was a Politician
like the rest of them; and they don’t bemoan
their safe, warm homes.

What they failed to remember in that
microsecond of self-righteousness
Was that their home world is dying
and their race not so slowly decaying in distress
And the details of their fate still unknown.

Juli B

And now her Dad:

Mobi’s take on Brexit

Much has already been said and written about Brexit, and by the time the UK finally exits the EU in 2 years ++ time, I would imagine the UK and the whole world will be sick and tired of talking and reading about it.

(As a side note – in reference to my recent rants against BBC news broadcast when they gave blanket coverage, day after day, to the passing of Mohammed Ali, I was amused to discover this morning, that the BBC actually had some different  news to report – other than’ the UK’s Brexit decision. So from this, I can extrapolate that Mohammed Ali’s death ranked higher in the news stakes than the UK’s momentous decision to leave the EU….)

A teller counts ballot papers at the Titanic Exhibition Centre in Belfast, Northern Ireland, after polls closed in the EU referendum Thursday, June 23, 2016. Britain's referendum on whether to leave the European Union was too close to call early Friday, with increasingly mixed signals challenging earlier indications that "remain" had won a narrow victory. (Liam McBurney/PA via AP) UNITED KINGDOM OUT NO SALES NO ARCHIVE

Those who have been reading my blog for many years will be well aware of my long-held views on the EU with their unelected bureaucrats passing ridiculous laws that benefit no one. In particular, I railed endlessly about the scandalous waste generated by faceless administrators who silenced and fired the whistleblowers who dared to criticise them for ‘crimes’ such as their public accounts which haven’t been audited for years.

I railed against the 28 EU Commissioners who are appointed by – not voted by – member states and effectively run the EU.

I railed almost single-handedly for years during my days in the city against the plan for the UK to enter the Euro, and it was only after the ERM fiasco that most people started to come around to my way of thinking.

Of course, I could go on and on, but you all know the story.

So why did I come out with a series of tweets last week, urging people to vote ‘remain’?

It was because I knew what would happen. The pound and the stock market would crash, along with the value of  my last remaining savings.


There would then follow a long period – probably several years, maybe longer – when there would be uncertainty and fear, and the British economy would contract. This will lead to a loss of jobs, and a long period of austerity and as a result, an inevitable further reduction in social services.

Foreign Investors to the UK will put new investments on hold as they will no longer have automatic access to the EU, and foreign banks will be forced to cut staffing in the city and move some of their operations into the EU zone. These are undisputable facts, as many have already announced plans to do just that.

The Boris’s and Groves of this world, also know this will be the case, but they clearly didn’t give two hoots, as it wouldn’t affect them personally. They all have more than enough assets to tide them over. It was Boris’s best chance for a grab on power – and that took precedence over everything. He might succeed, but don’t bet on it.

This is what has made me angry. If they had admitted there would be a period of recession, and that the economy would go backward, resulting in a loss of jobs, but that they thought it was a price worth paying – then fair enough. But they lied and obfuscated, and the working man didn’t know who to believe.

The biggest lie of all was the 350 billion per week that we pay out to the EU. They knew it was a lie – but once it was out there, the naive voters grabbed it with open arms and there was nothing anyone could do to persuade them otherwise.

It is truly ironic that the ‘leave’ vote was swung by the working man in middle England. They voted to leave because they wanted change – any change – and they completely rejected anything that the fat cats in London – from The Bank of England Governor to the head of the IMF were saying, as they simply didn’t trust them.

Sad to say, they failed to understand that they will be the first ones in the firing line when the economy takes a beating. Even in the few days  that have passed since the historic vote, we see some of the ‘remain’ camp’s worst-case predictions coming true.

images (1)

  • Moody’s rating agency has downgraded Britain’s credit rating which will mean the cost of government borrowing will increase. Standard & Poor’s have stated they will follow suit.
  • Even Nigel Farage has admitted the  UK will go into recession.
  •  Boris has long admitted that leaving the EU will have little effect on immigration – indeed the   European Central Bank’s governing council has already stated that the City will lose access to the single market unless it accepts the free movement of EU migrants. (See my tweets – that’s exactly what I said would happen).
  • Jean-Claude Juncker, the head of the European Commission, has warned that the “divorce” of Britain from the European Union would not be “amicable”.
  • George Soros has stated  the break up of the EU appeared inevitable.

In some ways, I am happy with the result – as at long last we can say goodbye to those EU time-wasters, and throw out all those ridiculous EU rules and start to make our own laws again.

Yet there were many encouraging signs in the EU recently that things were at long last changing. Gone are the days when extreme left-wingers, such as  Jacques Delors ruled the roost and vowed to take Europe into a political union.

The EU is no longer a left-wing lovey-dovey, socialist society that tells us how straight our bananas should be or that we can’t recycle our teabags, or that our toasters and vacuum cleaners have to be thrown out because they don’t comply with EU’s new maximum power regulations, or that I can’t buy a pound of potatoes in my local market. (It has to be half a  kilo!). All over Europe, from France to Poland, the Euro-sceptic, right-wing politicians are making themselves heard and are demanding changes.

Even the President of EU and other senior luminaries have started to admit that the EU should change its course when it comes to political union.

As for immigration, I truly believe that in the grand scheme of things,exit or remain, it won’t make a huge difference to the levels of immigrants coming into the UK. We live in a globalised world – and we cannot isolate ourselves and refuse to take our fair share. If we try to do so, we may see punishing trade sanctions.

So as much as I could see the benefits of taking back control of our own parliament, I could also see the disadvantages, which in my opinion was a price too high to pay. I estimate that it will take a generation before we fully emerge from the economic storms we are heading into.

I could  be wrong. We may bounce back much quicker – I sincerely hope that we do – both for my sake and for the sake of the working man. We may never bounce back – we may be condemned to be a third class nation with a third class economy forever and lose our hard-fought seat at the top table.

I do not believe it was a risk not worth taking – especially as the economy was coming along very well thank you and there were encouraging signs that the EU was at long last going to change for the better.

images (2)

I’m not totally disheartened by the vote to leave. There are many positives, and during the remainder of what life I have left on this earth, I will enjoy following these momentous events with great interest. One thing I am pretty sure of; many of those who voted to leave will become very disillusioned as the winners fail to deliver on many of their key promises, and their lies and half-truths will be exposed for what they are.

At least now the BBC have something else to report and won’t need to devote their entire news bulletins to the death of some celebrity, singer or boxer – but there again, who knows what may happen in this twitter-crazy world.


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