It’s back to the ‘Writing Board’

It’s back to the ‘Writing Board’


Yes, my humble writing skills must once more take centre stage in an effort to pay the monthly bills and put food on the table.

I know now that I am not cut out to be an entrepreneur, and although I haven’t completely given up on my eBay site, I think it is unlikely that anything will ever come of it. I simply don’t have any enthusiasm or the spark of initiative to turn it into a profit making venture, bearing in mind all the competitors I am up against who have been doing it for years.

If my plan to sell Thai products/handicrafts on Ebay is to succeed, then I must travel around Thailand and find the sources for these products , as buying them retail in Pattaya is simply not going to work. The retail prices are too high for me to turn a decent profit and the few items that I tried to sell could simply not compete with similar products already for sale at a lower price.

And at my time of life, travelling around Thailand to source products, and then investing  in stock that I think might sell, is not something that is really going to work for me.

Writing is another matter.  I do feel that I should be able to find work doing some kind of ‘content’ writing and it is to this I must devote my energies in the coming months.


In the meantime, I would like to once again promote my published e-books on Amazon-Kindle.

Kindle cover


First and foremost is my latest publication – ‘From Thailand with Love’ which consists of six novelettes set in Thailand that were originally published in hard cover back in 2001, and have since undergone considerable re-writing and re-working.

‘From Thailand with love’ is a collection of six novelettes based in Thailand, ranging in length from 5,000 to 25,000 words and are set mainly in the mid to late 20th century, although the final tale commences in the 1930’s and finishes in the early 21st century.

The stories encompass some wide ranging subject matter, including: government corruption; the Thai drinking culture; senseless Thai on Thai violence; prostitution and the fractured lives of expats who marry bar-girls; Buddhism and reincarnation; the huge gulf between the lives of the desperately poor and the privileged rich; and even a Thai ghost story.


– A saint or a sinner?

A humble Thai doctor devotes his life to the sick and dying in a provincial hospital on the Eastern seaboard. But one day his murky past suddenly catches up with him.


-Thai ghosts? – bah.. humbug..

A Thai drinking gang in the sleepy seaside town of Bang Saen is traumatised when there is a terrible accident in the family of one of the leading gang members.


– Glyn – The alcoholic who loved too much

Outwardly, this could be the oft-written tale of an expat in Thailand who becomes seduced by the Thai women as his life lurches inexorably in a downwards spiral. But this is no ordinary tale, and Glyn is no ordinary expat.


– Drum, who trod the fine line between fame, fortune and disaster.

The incredible tale of a charismatic Thai who becomes a purveyor of vice on the one hand and a creator of government policy on the other. How long can he last?


– Mobi and Som – worlds and cultures apart, but brothers in drinking.

 A tale from Mobi’s early years in Thailand. Mobi and his Thai friends experience an uncanny event that rips apart their local community.


– born in poverty, raised by the rich, but to what end?

The ‘story of Lawan’ is a saga that commences in Bangkok in the 1930’s and weaves its way through the Japanese occupation of Thailand in the 1940’s, to England in the 1980’s and eventually back to Thailand for its climactic closure. It is a tale of love, poverty, life in royal palaces and treachery.


So relax and let your mind travel into an exotic Siamese whirlwind; immerse yourself in these six magical tales of a far-off land.

Be your own judge of whether they are true or fiction…

I have priced the book at $4.99, (approx. £3.07 on the UK website), as with a print-length of 425 ‘real’ pages, it will provide many days of enjoyable reading matter.

Madju-Raj published cover


The second book available on Amazon is ‘Madju-Raj; the Messenger of Death’.

The background of the novel is split between England and Thailand, and the story commences in a tiny, poverty-stricken village, deep in the heart of rural Thailand where two innocent youths are mercilessly shot, before switching to a sleepy village in the English countryside, where an elderly Englishman is brutally murdered in his own home.

Are the two crimes connected?

Perry is a shy, young, struggling author who lives in the picturesque English village of Fawnhope and becomes captivated by Suneenart – Sunny – a young, rich Thai woman who comes to live in his village. She is the most beautiful woman he has ever set eyes on, but her capricious and enigmatic nature mean that his clumsy attempts to woo her are continually frustrated.

A second murder and a motiveless house trashing prompts the pair to team up and try to solve these apparently unexplainable crimes.

Their inquiries take them from England’s ‘green and pleasant land’ to the lawless brothels of Hat Yai in the south of Thailand. From there, the action moves to the opulent Oriental Hotel in the heart of Bangkok and thence to the wild-west of ‘Issan–country’ in the north east, where the ruthless authorities still exact summary justice.

Their adventures lead to many life-threatening escapades, both in Thailand and back home in England, and with Perry’s help, Sunny slowly pieces together the intriguing jigsaw of events that led to the murders.

Along the way, Perry learns some uncomfortable and disturbing truths that lie beneath the surface of Thailand’s thin veneer of civilised society and the democratic ideals that they love to espouse.

Not without humour, the tale swings from light-hearted banter to dreadful tragedy and ultimately to poignant sadness, as we learn about the past tragic events that have helped to shape the lives of the main protagonists.

 “Madju-Raj, The Messenger of Death” is a tale of romance, murder, and oriental intrigue that will keep readers glued to the narrative until the final page.

This  book is now on sale for $7.99, (approx. £5.00), as with a print-length of 560 ‘real’ pages it will provide you with many days of enjoyable reading.

Lust for Life - published cover


Last, but not least, is the mighty saga entitled ‘A Lust For Life’, which is largely autobiographical, and – like the other two- has Thailand very much in its roots and soul.

‘A Lust for Life’ is the story of Toby Stark, a saga of 210,000 words, spanning five decades, and five continents, with most of the action taking place in South East Asia, primarily in Thailand.

It is the tale of a troubled, hard drinking Englishman who was born to an abusive father in post war, economically depressed London, and whose considerable escapades take him to America, Canada, Africa, The Middle East and Indonesia, before arriving in Thailand where he decides to spend the remainder of his life.

Along the way Toby lurches from poverty, to wealth, and back to poverty again; is subjected to spells in many of the world’s jails; wins and loses countless women – including five wives, four of whom are Thai – and develops an unhealthy addiction to alcohol.

In later life he becomes inextricably involved with two beautiful women from rural Thailand.

The first is ‘Ying’, born in impoverished circumstances in Eastern Thailand, and at the age of eight witnessed her gangland father being shot down in front of her. Ying’s eventful life takes her to Bangkok at the age of twelve to work as an indentured servant, and later to the south of Thailand where she suffers constant abuse by the father of her child. She eventually escapes and moves back to Bangkok where she becomes a popular hostess at one of Bangkok’s nightspots.

The second is ‘Na’ was also born into incredibly poverty in the North East of Thailand, and moves to the resort City of Pattaya at a very young age. Despite her appalling suffering at the hands of paedophiles and other criminal elements, she survives to become a highly sought after ‘working girl’ in one of Pattaya’s premier red light districts.

The two women meet by chance and reluctantly join forces to try and save Toby from almost certain death in a Pattaya jail, after he is arrested for causing a fatal road accident.

Their efforts to rescue him and their subsequent adventures are an exciting, roller-coaster of a ride, which exposes the sordid underbelly of Pattaya’s criminally controlled, lawless, sex industry where death, human trafficking and unspeakable depravity are the order of the day. The thrilling and shocking climax of the saga is both uplifting and distressing.

A Lust for Life’ leads the reader deep into the dark side of Thailand’s corrupt and morally bankrupt society. It explores the fatal culture clashes that are experienced by thousands of eager westerners who flock to Thailand, only to learn that their dreams of happiness in a tropical paradise are largely an illusion.

It also delves into the causes and the punishing effects of alcoholism in both eastern and western civilizations.

At its heart, ‘A Lust for Life’ is a novel of abuse and its long lasting effects, of desire, of love, of greed, of adventure, of heartbreak and shocking violence – the bread and butter of daily life in the exotic ‘Land Of Smiles.’

This  book is now on sale for $7.99, (approx. £5.00), as with a print-length of 817 ‘real’ pages it will provide you with many days of enjoyable reading.


If you enjoy my blog writing, why don’t you give one of these books a try and see what you think?

Just click the appropriate link on the right-hand side bar and you will be directed to the applicable Amazon webpage where you can buy your chosen book.

I would also welcome any reviews on ‘From Thailand with Love’ as at the moment the Amazon page is sadly lacking in this department.

Happy reading…


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