“From Thailand With Love”

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From Thailand With Love


Mobi D’Ark

Copyright © 2011, 2014


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‘From Thailand with love’ is a collection of six novelettes based in Thailand, ranging in length from 5,000 to 25,000 words and are set mainly in the mid to late 20th century, although the final tale commences in the 1930’s and finishes in the early 21st century.

The stories encompass some wide-ranging subject matter, including: government corruption; the Thai drinking culture; senseless Thai on Thai violence; prostitution and the fractured lives of expats who marry bar-girls; Buddhism and reincarnation; the huge gulf between the lives of the desperately poor and the privileged rich; and even a Thai ghost story.


– A saint or a sinner?

A humble Thai doctor devotes his life to the sick and dying in a provincial hospital on the Eastern seaboard. But one day his murky past suddenly catches up with him.


-Thai ghosts? – bah.. humbug..

A Thai drinking gang in the sleepy seaside town of Bang Saen is traumatized when there is a terrible accident in the family of one of the leading gang members.


– Glyn – The alcoholic who loved too much

Outwardly, this could be the oft-written tale of an expat in Thailand who becomes seduced by the Thai women as his life lurches inexorably in a downward spiral. But this is no ordinary tale, and Glyn is no ordinary expat.


– Drum, who trod the fine line between fame, fortune, and disaster.

The incredible tale of a charismatic Thai who becomes a purveyor of vice on the one hand and a creator of government policy on the other. How long can he last?


– Mobi and Som – worlds and cultures apart, but brothers in drinking.

 A tale from Mobi’s early years in Thailand. Mobi and his Thai friends experience an uncanny event that rips apart their local community.


– born in poverty, raised by the rich, but to what end?

The ‘story of Lawan’ is a saga that commences in Bangkok in the 1930’s and weaves its way through the Japanese occupation of Thailand in the 1940’s, to England in the 1980’s and eventually back to Thailand for its climactic closure. It is a tale of love, poverty, life in royal palaces and treachery.


So relax and let your mind travel into an exotic Siamese whirlwind; immerse yourself in these six magical tales of a far-off land.

Be your own judge of whether they are true or fiction…

From Thailand with Love’  was originally published in hardcover in 2001 under the title: ‘Tales from Thailand‘. The stories have all been given new titles and have undergone substantial re-working.

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