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Madju-Raj,  Messenger of Death

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Madju-Raj, Messenger of Death – Summary.

Set in England and Thailand, the story commences in a tiny, poverty-stricken village, deep in the heart of rural Thailand where two innocent youths are mercilessly shot, before the action switches to a sleepy village in the English countryside, where an elderly Englishman is brutally murdered in his own home.

Are the two crimes connected?

Perry is a shy, young, struggling author who lives in the picturesque English village of Fawnhope and becomes captivated by Suneenart – Sunny – a young Thai woman who comes to live in his village. She is the most beautiful woman he has ever set eyes on, but her capricious and enigmatic nature mean that his clumsy attempts to woo her are continually frustrated.

A second murder and a motiveless house trashing prompts the pair to team up and try to solve these apparently unexplainable crimes.

Their inquiries take them from England’s ‘green and pleasant land’ to the lawless slums of Hat Yai in the south of Thailand. From there, the action moves to the opulent Oriental Hotel in the heart of Bangkok and thence to the wild-west of ‘Issan–country’ in the north east, where the ruthless authorities still exact summary justice.

Their adventures lead to many life-threatening escapades, both in Thailand and back home in England, and with Perry’s help, Sunny slowly pieces together the intriguing jigsaw of events that led to the murders.

Along the way, Perry learns some uncomfortable and disturbing truths that lie beneath the surface of Thailand’s thin veneer of civilised society and the democratic ideals that they love to espouse.

Not without humour, the tale swings from light-hearted banter to dreadful tragedy and ultimately to poignant sadness, as we learn about the past tragic events that have helped to shape the lives of the main protagonists. 

“Madju-Raj, The Messenger of Death” is a tale of romance, murder, and oriental intrigue that will keep readers glued to the narrative until the final page.

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