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★★★★★ Azzy- worth reading

By D.R. on December 15, 2015

Azzy is a typical boy meets girl story; except that Mobi is an awkward young English man who finds first-time love, or lust as it proves to be, in war-torn Nigeria. I found myself needing to know what Azzy was going to do next. At times, I was disgusted with Mobi and his self-destructive behaviour, but then he would show kindness, empathy, or a sense of his own personal pain and I would once again appreciate the complex reasons for his behaviour. Azzy was difficult to like most of the time, but then again my heart went out to her when her background is revealed. Characters are complex and unpredictable, the setting is rich and beautifully described. In Azzy, the world of oilmen, prostitutes, and Nigerian juju comes to life.


★★★★★ What a girl .. What an adventure ..

By Andrew Frantz on November 30, 2015

Azzy is certainly a girl to remember.

For young Mobi to transport himself at a young age from the structured, predictable life of an English accountant into the throes of an African nation, engulfed in one of the bloodiest civil war of that era is in itself a remarkable adventure. Throw a young, beautiful, scheming, highly volatile African woman like Azzy into that mix and the fun begins.

I have read some of Mobi¹s previous works, (as well as casually following his blog for the last few years), and when I saw the release of the first instalment of his “Six Wives”, I couldn’t resist having a read and I was very pleased that I did. It is quite a long read but the almost non-stop action and finely drawn details greatly add to the narrative and the book had me completely engrossed for 4 days. I really couldn’t put it down.

The many ups and downs that young Mobi experienced, mixed with the danger and wildly exotic lifestyle of Nigeria of the time, together with the superb character development, made his life believable to the point where one assumes there is as much fact as there is fiction in this mouth-watering tale. Drama, excitement, danger, romance and sex, what more can you ask for in a good book?

I have no hesitation in saying that young Mobi lived his life to the full – if it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing. I can only hope that the rest of his five future wives will create such a wonderful collage of emotions and discordance as Azzy – in all her shining glory- was able to facilitate.


★★★★★ A terrific exciting adventure story of a young naive accountant who …

By A THAILAND EXPAT on November 23, 2015

A terrific exciting adventure story of a young naive accountant who goes to live and work in war-torn Nigeria as the civil war was winding down.

Mobi has a series of hair-raising adventures with his fellow oil workers, army personnel and girlfriends.

He survives it all and marries Azzy a beautiful local party girl who introduces him to Nigerian life styles and fun. She is therefore the first of Mobi’s six wives. Hence the title of the series The Six Wives of Mobi D’Ark.

Most people would probably have given up on marriage after a wife like Azzy. Mobi is made of sterner stuff and went on to marry 5 more times.

I can’t wait to read about them all.

The book is a roller coaster ride of events, people and emotions. The reader is left wondering what can possibly happen next. Sure enough, more adventures and excitement unfold.

It’s a great read with thought provoking events and unforgettable characters

It’s also a very low price for all that enjoyment.


★★★★★ Adventure

By J Murdza on November 29, 2015

I wish I could write as well as the Author in order to leave a review that’s worthy. That said, here goes: It may sound a little cliché, but this book has copious amounts of everything you could ever wish for in a book. Adventure, travel, romance, interesting family dynamics, “coming of age”, humour, and the Author’s own first-hand historical experience of a very interesting time in a very tumultuous part of the world.

It has been a long time since a book was so engrossing that I stayed up all night reading until dawn.

Full disclosure – I initially read the free draft version of Azzy when it was posted on the Author’s website. I enjoyed it so much I wanted to also pay for it and receive the final version. The final version is even better (and I didn’t think that would be possible).

– I will gladly purchase anything else published by Mr. Mobi D’ Ark in the future!



By An EXPAT 23 Nov. 2015


Azzy is the first in a series of six books about the six wives of Mob D’Ark.
It’s an exciting, absorbing, amazing read. Its also all true.

Mobi sets off to work in Nigeria as the civil war is coming to an end. He is a young naive innocent British accountant who is swept along in a series of hair raising adventures involving fellow oil workers, out of control soldiers and many girlfriends.

Despite his sometimes-reckless behaviour he survives it all and marries the beautiful Azzy in a manner that is both hilarious and scary.
Azzy is a party girl and introduces Mobi to the nightlife and local culture which he takes part in with enthusiasm.

The book is a roller coaster ride of adventure, emotions and unforgettable characters. I couldn’t put it down once I had started. The excitement, tension and pace continue right up To the last pages.

I can’t wait to read the next book in the series about wife number two.
Azzy is a great read and priced so low it’s a steal. Hours of happy reading pleasure for only £1.99. It’s a real bargain.


★★★★★ Azzy – A Gripping Tale of Love, Excitement, Adventure and Passion in Post-Colonial Nigeria

By David Randolph on 26 Nov. 2015


Mobi writes about his life and loves in an amazing and gripping adventure. This starts when, as a very shy inexperienced young man, he leaves home in depressed 1960s east London to chase his first love in north America. When this fails he finds himself in war-torn Nigeria where work takes him to dangerous and lawless Port Harcourt but not before he has tasted the nightlife of the brazen capital city of Lagos and fallen in love with the gorgeous but dangerous Azzy. After a tempestuous relationship with Azzy, now his wife, he is forced to leave Nigeria following death threats. The final part of the book relates to his return to England to face his domineering father.

This is a gripping tale which is clearly based on real-life adventures which adds to its authenticity. It is well written and researched and runs at a fast pace. You will not want to put it down as you will want to find out what happens to Mobi and Azzy. The best Mobi novel so far. .


★★★★★ A rollercoaster ride through the early adult life of a modern day adventurer!

By mr Seb C on 26 Nov. 2015


I’ve been following Mobi’s writings for some time. There are plenty of biographies out there, but few people have lived so genuinely interesting an existence.

Anyone that’s been married 6 times will have some stories to tell, but few of them will have a story quite like this.

Laugh out loud funny, sad, touching, exasperating…the book takes us through the peaks and troughs of Mobi’s first wife, and boy, what a wife she was!

Recommended for anyone that wants a great, well written, read and to be plucked from their surroundings and landed in a tropical setting of days long since passed.


★★★★★ Five Stars!

By Amazon Customer on 16 December 2015

Interesting read, I couldn’t put the book down.


★★★★★ Five Stars

By Amazon Customer on 8 December 2015



★★★★★ A great read

By Clive Allenby on 26 November 2015

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