A Marriage Made in Mobi’s…..22nd June, 2014

A Marriage Made in Mobi’s

If you can’t beat ’em…..…join ‘em…. So I’ve decided to have party of my own this coming Friday 27th June.

It will be a double celebration.

  • Two months of successful trading…

and…wait for it…

  • …to celebrate the joining together in ‘unlikely’ matrimony of Noo and Mobi.

Yes folks, it will be marriage No. 2 for Noo and marriage No. 6 for the much wedded Mobi.

Why? I hear you asking.

Well, we have been together for over 3 ½ years, and it is something that Noo wants to do, and who I am to refuse such a simple request?

I have little money and no assets of note, so even if the worst happens and we split at some time in the future – there is little remaining for a future ex-wife to fight over and quite frankly, she is welcome to anything she can find.

This also applies if I kick the bucket, which is always on the cards, taking into account all my various medical conditions…

She more than deserves the legalisation of our relationship it for sticking with me through thick and thin and taking care of me and nursing me through my many illnesses, including recovery from open-heart surgery.

Not one of my previous wives have come even close to Noo in terms of being a loving, selfless, generous partner, who has helped me to remain sober and also helped me through my bouts of severe depression. She has also put up with my bad moods and occasional temper tantrums.

Frankly, she is a saint, and I my only regret is that I didn’t meet her many years ago, but as they say, its better late than never and at last I can enjoy a few years of happiness in the twilight of my eventful life.

I honestly believe I would no longer be here, writing this blog if it wasn’t for Noo, and if makes her happy to be my wife, then frankly it is the least I can do to pay her back for her generosity of spirit and her compassion for an ageing alcoholic who doesn’t really deserve it.

As I write this, I have just received the necessary documents back from Bangkok that I need to go ahead with the marriage, and we have provisionally planned to go to the ‘amphur’, (district office), next Tuesday to sign the papers.

As far as Friday’s party is concerned, I initially put my foot down on having live music, for all the reasons stated in today’s Mobi-Babble, but Noo –soon to be Mrs Mobi – wants to have live music at our little party, so music she will have.

I am not a particularly vengeful person, but I do nevertheless hope that when we have our celebration that we will drown out the other two bars’ music and give them a taste of what it’s like when a nearby bar decides to throw a party.

Maybe it will make them think twice next time… but I doubt it. They’re probably more immune to it than me.

In any case, I will invite one and all from the other two bars to pop by and join our celebration, which was more than they did for us.

To those of my readers who are in or around Pattaya, I do hope you will also pop by and enjoy some free food and toast the successful opening of Mobi’s bar and the legal joining together of the happy Mobi-couple.

See you all there next Friday.


6 thoughts on “A Marriage Made in Mobi’s…..22nd June, 2014”

  1. Congratulations Mobi. Wish we were still there to be able to attend that. It was nice to see you and Noo on our brief visit to your fine bar. Back in Blighty now to sort out the sale of Ratts flat in Surrey.

    All the best… Graham & Ratt.


  2. Congratutions Mobi!

    Love reading your blog and will be in Thailand shortly, I hope to visit your bar and have a chat.




  3. Congratulations Mobi and Noo “till death do us part”, no pun intended. If I ever make it to MOBI’S I’ll ring the bell for the newlyweds.

    Best regards,


  4. Congratulations Mobi! It is never too late to say it is too early!
    Have a nice wedding and I wish you and your Noo will have many happy years together!


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