13. “In The Wink of an Eye”

In The Wink of an Eye


The transcript of this story has been removed as it has now been published as part of an e-book, on Amazon-Kindle, entitled:’From Thailand with Love’

There will shortly be a link on the right hand side bar to purchase the full collection of six novelettes.

6 thoughts on “13. “In The Wink of an Eye””

  1. Enchanting… I could truly relate to this having worked throughout SE Asia back in the 80s. Now to be stuck, in the dull by contrast ,Middle East.


  2. Haven’t been able to stop reading all of your stories and am now on story 8. This one about Metta was gripping and inspiring at the same time. If I purchased what you have written in a book, it would be a page turner and I would surely recommend the book to others.


  3. Truth or fiction?
    Up to me I suppose.
    I had chills down my spine at several points.
    You wasted your time as an insurance executive.
    Very very moving.
    Thank you.


    1. Thank you so much. It is so rare that I receive any comments on my writing – favourable or otherwise, that I treasure the ones that I do get. It is much appreciated.

      ‘Metta’ has always been one of my favourite stories and I feel it has something special going for it.

      A great deal of it is based on fact, and all the characters in the story are real people, and most of the events happened more or less as as described… except…???


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