A message from Mobi’s family

Unfortunately Mobi passed away in July 2022.

He would have wanted the blog to stay available and it will continue to be online, for anyone who wants to read it, at mobithailand.wordpress.com

11 thoughts on “A message from Mobi’s family”

  1. I’m sorry to hear this.

    I never met Martin but I did hire him to do writing for me some years ago and always enjoyed reading his work – both that he did for me and his personal stories and musings.

    I know he was many things to many people. To me he was always very polite and professional and I was always excited to read anything he created. He never seemed to receive the recognition he hoped for but for us that did read it, he created a very personal connection and a break from our day to day troubles and that was a gift.

    My sincere thoughts and love to you all.


  2. Very sad. Martin was a good friend for many years and a gifted writer. My condolences to his family, especially Lek and Song. My thoughts and prayers are with you. RIP Martin and thank you for many treasured memories. I will continue to enjoy your books.


  3. Sad news. So much enjoyed reading Mobis ramblings over the years. Had the pleasure of meeting him once.



  4. I had heard about Martin’s passing with deep regret.
    I knew him for about 15 years and he was especially helpful when I too was considering moving back to the UK

    I mourn with you
    RIP my friend.


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