Mobi in Corona-land (4) – Thursday 2nd April 2020


Thursday, 2nd April 2020

Test!…Test!…Test!…but alas not in the UK…

Over a week ago Bojo and his minions assured us that within days we would be up to 25,000 tests per day. Yet yesterday, only around 8,000 tests were carried out, and we learn that only 2,000 NHS workers, out of a workforce of over 1/2 million, have been tested to date.

What makes this even worse is the fact that some 25% of our doctors and nurses are self-isolating at home and will need to be tested before they can return to work.

What the sweet f… is going on?

Countless reporters have asked many senior members of the government/scientists/NHS bosses why is it that Germany can carry out over 500,000 tests per week whereas we are struggling to test 70,000.

They have been asked again and again and again, yet all they receive in reply is obfuscation, rhetoric, and vague promises which are never kept. Somebody somewhere knows the reason – probably they all do – but they are absolutely determined not to take us into their confidence and confess their shortcomings.

Sadly it’s a gift all politicians possess with overflowing abundance.

Have you noticed when they hold their press conferences, the small number of select reporters who are allowed to ask questions are invariably fobbed off with very woolly replies? Yet there is no come back allowed from the reporters; they are not allowed to challenge the answers. Often when multiple questions are asked, the politicians conveniently forget to answer the most difficult one.  They are simply ignored and hope that nobody notices.

It’s not quite as bad as Trump’s press conferences, where he tells reporters they are terrible, horrible reporters and how dare they ask questions. But we’re not far off it.

Let’s hope to God that they finally get their fingers out and really ramp up the testing, along with providing enough protective clothing for the NHS workers and sufficient respirators for the patients.


As for the lockdown – well it seems to be holding pretty well, with a few notable exceptions.

An Aston Villa footballer preached on You Tube how all the plebs must stay at home and not break the rules, yet on the very morning when he released the video clip, he was en route to a party with his mates. Then guess what? He had an accident in his motor on the way home – one of the prime reasons why we have been asked not to use our cars for unnecessary journeys.

This is to say nothing of the rule about social distancing and visiting friends. Does he think that partying is a necessary activity for a non-active footballer? Should we feel sorry for the poor little millionaire? – After all, he was fined two weeks wages by his club – a mere £150,000…

Then there was Steven Kinnock (Labour MP) and his family visiting his mother and father (the illustrious Neil Kinnock, former leader of the labour party, and erstwhile European Commissioner for plunder). They all had a Mother’s Day meal in Neil’s garden with Steven’s family seated 2 meters away from the Kinnock seniors. I guess they thought that was perfectly acceptable, given that they aren’t part of the proletariat. Well, the poor Kinnocks were right royally castigated by the popular press and deservedly so. What a kerfuffle!

It’s lucky our footballing and socialist friends don’t have a leader like President Duarte of the Philippines.  Mr Duarte has a very simple way of dealing with people who don’t obey the lockdown rules – shoot them on sight.

I mentioned in one of my earlier blogs – as a jest – that there were rumours out there that they would let us oldies die and allocate available respirators to younger patients as they were more likely to survive.

Guess what? It’s no joke – this is official government and NHS policy. So if I do succumb and need a respirator to save my life, it looks like I will be pissing in the wind – I should be so lucky -with my bladder issues…


On a lighter note,  our favourite royals – Harry and Meghan – seem determined to keep themselves in the limelight, despite nobody giving a royal damn what they are up to. Yes, they succeeded in driving a few front-page column inches despite the wall to wall press coverage of the dreaded lurgy. They started off by making patronising and cringe-worthy pronouncements on their now ex-royal twitter account and showing their venal natures by doing a moonlight flit from Vancouver to Los Angeles to reduce Meghan’s tax bill.

They may have also believed that the US government would provide free security, similar to that provided to diplomats and other notable British dignitaries, but Trump soon squashed that hope.

What did they expect? Meghan, in particular, has made no bones about her revulsion for the Trump administration, and now she expects them to cough up a few million dollars to keep them safe and sound in their Hollywood love nest.

To be honest, I do feel a little sorry for Harry. In the fullness of time, we will see that he has been very much under the control (spell?) of his lovely wife, and once that spell breaks, as it is bound to do sooner or later, he will wonder what the f… happened to his life as a privileged Prince of the realm? I’m not at all sure that he will feel at home with the Hollywood set and at some point, we will find him following his royal elders down the road of separation and divorce. The return of the prodigal son – I can see the headlines now.


Back at the Mobi residence, life is continuing in the same old lockdown groove. We seem to have adopted a regular daily routine, which, we are told, is good for us. Lek gets up at the crack of dawn and takes Olly the dog into the garden for his morning ablutions. Then she has her breakfast of cereal and watches the news on TV. At around 8:15 a.m. she returns to bed with coffees and we continue to watch the news until around 9.00 a.m. Then I get up and wake up Song and Lek goes back to sleep.

Song and I go downstairs for breakfast and send out Olly for his second wee-wee of the day.

At 10.15 a.m. I’m off with Olly for our 45-minute walk, and Song settles down to do her school work. When I return home I start my daily teaching duties. Can you believe it? This week I introduced Song to algebra and she actually ‘gets it’ and is able to answer all the questions on the test papers. I’m just worried that somewhere along the line we will hit a plateau as the algebra becomes more complex. Maybe my daughter can help out with a video lesson, after all, she teaches maths at Oakham School, so she should know an equation or two.

Lek is now up and about and around noon she goes out for her hourly run to Rutland Water and beyond. When she gets back home we all have our lunch and then home school continues to 4 p.m.

All set for the daily run

After 4 p.m. it’s free time. Song plays with her phone for a couple of hours, Lek and I watch a bit of TV (to check on the latest virus news), and I try to do a bit of writing. I have to say I’m somewhat put out that I can’t get into my writing earlier in the day when I’m feeling fresh and creative, but Song’s schoolwork comes first, so I will just have to fit it in as and when along with my blogging.

It’s ironic that I’m busier now than ever I was before the CV hit mankind. But it could be a lot worse. Fortunately, we three are a very happy threesome and we haven’t had a single argument since the lockdown started. I do feel for families where there are conflicts and tension between the parents. It must be hell, now they are obliged to stay with each other 24/7.

After dinner, Song does her daily exercise to a YouTube work out, Lek gravitates to the bedroom where she puts on Thai music and goes through her Facebook activities. I carry on with a bit of writing and eventually call it a day and watch some documentaries and drama series on TV.

There’s obviously more going on that I’m too lazy to write about (e.g. right now, Lek is busy in the garden), and I know its early days, but so far I don’t think any of us have felt at all bored. We always find something to amuse us. Long may it continue.

Keep well and safe, all of you, out there in corona-land.


2 thoughts on “Mobi in Corona-land (4) – Thursday 2nd April 2020”

  1. Glad you are all doing so well under the circumstances.

    I think that the government in the UK say that facemasks are unnecessary because they don’t have enough to go round and don’t want to start a panic, even if they stop you touching your face they are more or less a way of life for people here. Wear them if you can get them, if not Lek can make them, YouTube has videos on how to do it.
    Stay safe buddy


    1. Hi Paul, thanks for your input. There seems to be a worldwide debate about the use of facemasks, incl WHO and many leading medical scientists who say they aren’t necessary – about 50/50 at the moment, so not sure you can blame the Uk Govt for this one. Well, we won’t argue about it. You too take care and keep safe.


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