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Mobi’s CV Blog – Monday, 23 March 2020.

What on earth is Mobi’s CV Blog?  Well, CV certainly doesn’t stand for Curriculum Vitae – I gave up on those about 30 odd years ago…

It shouldn’t take a genius to figure out that CV is, in fact… CORONA VIRUS

Bats out of Hell!

Who would have thought it? Barely a few weeks ago, a bunch of virus-ridden bats injected their blood into some rare but friendly Pangolins, who then somehow managed to cough onto a few unsuspecting Chinese gentlemen. This all occurred in an infamous seafood market, (which also sells illegal wildlife), in Wuhan – truly a city of the dammed – located in the Chinese Province of Hubei.

Is it plausible? Maybe… after all, wasn’t Ebola traced to Monkeys?

What isn’t so widely known is that although the virus almost certainly originated in the vicinity of Wuhan seafood market, there just happens to be a nearby laboratory where scientists had been carrying out research on unnamed viruses, and that lab just happened to be adjacent to Wuhan’s Union Hospital where several doctors were amongst the first to become infected.

So who was responsible? Bats and pangolins, or a careless lab assistant who forgot to close the fridge door?  Maybe both.

We will probably never know. But to think that something as simple as a bat, a pangolin, or a lab assistant could literally devastate the planet and change our lives and the world forever is pretty mind-blowing.

We humans are not so high and mighty as we thought we were.

The younger generation has been getting themselves all in a tizzy on the prospect of climate change destroying the planet when a curse comes out of left field and silences their eco crusades overnight.

Paradoxically, the advent of CV has a weird and wonderful effect on the amount of pollution in the air. Oil consumption is way down, factories shops and offices are closing across the world, and a huge percentage of the world’s air fleets are grounded – nobody’s going anywhere. Within days, pollution levels are dropping to absurdly low levels – unheard of just a few weeks ago.

It seems that Greta Thunberg can finally give up scolding the world’s leaders and go back to school – oh wait a minute, all the schools are closed….

So there’s no doubt about it – we are on the cusp of a brave new world. A world where hundreds of thousands – possibly millions – will die. Until this crisis is over, the world will be in lockdown, and we will stay trembling in our homes, hoping and praying that we won’t be the ones who will have to ‘bring out our dead’ as in the days of plague-infested yore.

I hope to write this blog as often as possible as I want to keep a record of how the days, weeks, and months ahead pan out and whether or not we will weather the virus storm. Will my family stay safe? Will I stay safe? – Or will these blogs become my valedictory jottings?


At the time of writing, my wife, Lek, my step-daughter, Song, my two adult daughters, and their families and my brother and his wife are all well. They are all more or less stuck at home and are joining the big wait, as are many of our fellow humans throughout Europe and beyond.

Lek is still working at Oakham School as a cleaner, although the school was closed last Friday and the boarders were all sent home a couple of weeks ago. She rarely comes into contact with anyone at work, and even when she does they maintain the obligatory 2 meters between them. In any case, she finishes on Wednesday and will be home until after Easter – probably much longer.

Song is also homebound since last Friday afternoon when the school shut its gates permanently – or at least until the pestilence abates.

The government has stated that they will be contacting 1.5 million people who they believe are particularly at risk and will strongly advise them to go into lockdown – not to go out in any circumstances and they will arrange for shopping, etc. to be done for them if needed.

I am not sure if I am included in this ‘at seriously risk’ category, but at 73years of age, with my COPD, diabetes, ongoing urology problems, IBS, a metal heart valve, warfarin-thinned blood, and high blood pressure, I can only assume I must be somewhat vulnerable to a very nasty case of CV, should I become infected.

It is only two weeks ago that I went down with a very nasty urinary tract infection (UTI). I had an extremely high temperature and ended up being driven by Lek to Melton Mowbray hospital where I collapsed in front of a waiting paramedic. He pumped me full of antibiotics and sent me home. Although I made a much slower recovery than usual, (UTIs are a regular occurrence with us poor mutts who have to self-catheterise…), I now feel as well as I’ve felt in some time – so fingers crossed I stay that way.

This morning I wake as usual at around 8 a.m. crawl downstairs and grind some coffee beans for my daily cup of freshly brewed delicious coffee before breakfasting on my daily dose of mixed cereals and almond milk.

Then it’s out for my daily walk with Olly the dog. Bright sunshine, but a viciously cold wind keeps things pretty wintry; so with both of us dressed like Arctic explorers, we set off for a very quiet walk down a few side roads and thence to a large area of open grassland. There are a few hardy souls out and about, also with dogs in tow – an obligatory accessory if you are not to be arrested by the lockdown cops.

Back home, Song confronts me with all her homework tasks. Her teachers have been busy, inundating her online with school work  Today, she has no less than 8 subjects (tasks) to complete by 4 p.m. this afternoon.

That’s great – homework definitely calculated to keep her quiet and occupied all day. The only problem is, with her elementary knowledge of English, it now befalls me to become her translator and tutor. I try my best to comprehend the online PDFs, PPs, Videos, and God knows what else. I  attempt to guide her through the myriad school subjects; history, science, French(OMG!), maths, drama, geography, etc. which conspire to befuddle my aged brain.

I’m learning more about King John and The Magna Carta, to say nothing of the behavioral characteristics of a worm than I ever need to know at my time of life. But what the hell!

It seems I’m destined to become a teacher for the duration. Roll on Easter holidays…


Tonight, our beloved leader Bojo himself comes on TV to make yet another grave announcement to the nation. It seems that his previous advice to not gather in hordes and to stay indoors has fallen on stony ground. Certainly, the papers and TV today and are full of pictures of crowded parks, packed beaches, and tourists gathering in holiday areas. Even in the Welsh Mountains, where record numbers of potential virus victims parked up to join the climbing rush and infect each other.

So this time Herr Bojo means business. No gatherings of more than two people – by order of parliament.

We are only allowed out to go food shopping, buy our meds, or to go for a once a day walk, run or bike ride, providing always that we keep over two meters away from anyone else who are also exercising their once a day time in the open air. Not quite sure how that works in Tesco where we have to fight each other over the bog rolls.

Anyway, Bojo tells us that if we fail to comply, our favourite Boys In Blue will be on hand to persuade us that we are wronguns and we’d better mend our ways – or else! Or else what?

More jottings tomorrow – CV permitting.

Take care, all of you.





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