Meet Olly the latest addition to the Mobi-Brood – 7th October 2018





Mobi-Babble – 7th October 2018

Summer has gone. Today it is about 8 degrees C and the heavy black clouds are dispensing some much needed rain across an increasingly autumnal Rutland countryside.

To be fair, the past few days have been distinctly summer-ish, with temperatures in the low twenties, and bright blue sunny skies. Song has been scootering to school without so much as a summer coat on her back.

In fact, since one of the longest heat waves in English history (beating 1976 by a few days), fizzled out in early August, the weather has been typically English. We’ve had warm days, cold days, sunny days, wet days dry days, windy days, and other times when we have had all of the forgoing during the course of a single day.

Plenty for the populace to talk about and the weather’s very unpredictability has somehow made life interesting.

I have written this before, but will restate it now. Never in my wildest imagination had I dreamed that Lek and Song would settle into their new English lives so well. Song continues to receive glowing reports from school and Lek has just received an astonishingly good  end of probation appraisal form her employer at Oakham School.

I’ve never seen anything like it in my life – it is so glowing and full of praise for her work, her work ethic and just about everything you could think of. She is now eligible to join the school healthcare scheme and to join the pension scheme. I couldn’t be more proud.

As you can see we now have a new addition to our family – Olly,  a little Yorkie Poo puppy (Yorkie/Toy poodle cross). He’s a real bundle of fun and  so adorable. Olly is much loved by one and all. I think our little family is now complete.


As ever, the only blot on the landscape is my own health. My chronic conditions continue to dominate my life. About a week ago I picked up a horrendous urinary tract infection which completely knocked me out for about 5 days. I really thought I would end up in hospital but managed to avoid it by the skin of my teeth. The infection was probably caused by my need to self-catheterise every day as my prostrate is so large I cannot pass urine very efficiently.

I intimated in earlier blogs that my health was causing me to be quite depressed – not so much because of my ‘suffering’ but more because I have been unable to fulfil my husband/fatherly duties for my wife and step-daughter.

I was so looking forward to taking them out – near and far – and being very proactive within the family, doing my best to help them to settle well into their new lives. But alas – I have not been as physically active as I would have liked. Just getting up from a sitting position to stand is an effort and I can’t walk for more than a few minutes without becoming exhausted. A couple of weeks ago I walked slowly to school to collect Song (a 5-7 minute walk) and I was so exhausted I couldn’t walk home and had to sit down on the pavement. Lek had to come and get me in the car.

I still live in hope that my health will eventually improve but for now, we are where we are, and I have to make the best of it.

The doc realised that I was becoming quite depressed and has put me on some anti-depressant medication, which I must say seems to have made quite a difference to my outlook. I do feel a lot better (mentally) in myself and am learning to accept the situation as is without letting it to get me down too much.

I have come to appreciate all the positives in my new life. I have a cosy little place to live with a wife, daughter (and dog) who love me. My wife has accepted my poor health situation with equanimity and is devoted to taking care of me as best she can as well as taking care of the house, her daughter and everything else. And on top of all that she’s  also holding down a full time job.

How lucky am I? I could just as easily be all alone with no-one to take care of me. There must be a higher power out there somewhere who has seen fit to provide me with such a wonderful wife. What a great decision that was in deciding to move back home.

So I am much happier now, and I live in hope that my health may improve over the coming months – if only the docs can only come up with some solutions to my anaemia and severe fatigue.

Christmas is only 80-odd days away so we’ll see how the family enjoys their very first Christmas in the UK.

Here are my three grandchildren, nearly 5 years, 9 months and 3 months respectively.

Benji, Joni, and Thomas

A few more ad hock pics


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