I’m still alive and kicking – but only just… (31st August 2018)





Mobi-Babble (31st August 2018)

Apologies for the long silence which hasn’t been down to anything except my procrastination and, quite frankly, the lack of anything to write about that might be of interest to my widely scattered readers.

Back in Thailand there always seemed to be something I could kick off about or rail against, but here, in the land of democratic civilised behaviour there is little to stir the writing passions – either in my own life or within this beautiful country.

And I ain’t about to hold forth on Brexit – the less said about that the better!

Probably the most exciting thing that has happened in Sunny Oakham in the past few weeks was the sight of an elderly female driver mounting the pavement into the town centre, just a few feet from the ancient Buttercross with its ‘punishment ‘stocks still in situ.

Although it was only 12 noon, the poor old dear was clearly the worst for wear, no doubt from an excess of cooking sherry or maybe Pimm’s Number One, and her engine revved up to a crescendo as she struggled in vain to get her tiny car into reverse and get back onto the road. She was then relieved of all further responsibility by a well-meaning citizen from a nearby hairdresser who ran over, put her hand through the open driver’s window and withdrew the car keys.

The old dear was not amused. She remonstrated with the hair dresser to return her keys but the gallant citizen was adamant. The driver was drunk and a danger to other road users, and she tried to persuade the old dear to get out of her car.

Not to be outdone, the old dear started blasting her car horn. Blasting a car horn repeatedly in downtown sunny Oakham! Whatever next?

The shop doors opened, and Oakham high Street emptied as one and all came to find out what manner of woman had the temerity to disturb their rural tranquillity.

Considering the nearest police station is some 45 minutes’ drive away in Leicester, I was amazed to see no less than 3 police vehicles arriving in less than 5 minutes.

It was a standoff – her majesty’s constabulary versus one drunken septuagenarian woman who refused to get out of her car to be breathalysed. If I was looking for a good punch-up  I’d better go elsewhere as there was no way that a couple  of burly English cops would try to forcibly remove the old dear from her precious steed. So four constables chatted to the assembled masses (about 10 people) while a specially trained  ‘old sot mediator’ parked himself at the passenger door window  and proceeded to  engage in calm diplomacy.

It was all too much for my sensitive disposition so I left matters to resolve themselves without my further presence. This story has no conclusion but I have  no doubt that diplomacy and civilised debate ruled the day and that one way or another the old dear was eventually persuaded to leave her precious steed. 

Back in days of olde, they might have put her in  the nearby stocks, but in 2018 I think she might have managed to avoid that embarrassment, while on her way to forfeiting her licence for a period of time.

That’s as exciting as it gets in Rutland…


As for me and mine…

Life continues to be very satisfactory. Lek and Song have settled into life here even better than I could ever imagined and they never complain that they miss Thailand. We have been blessed with one of the best summers for decades, and as a result we have been able to get out and a about quite a bit.

You will see from the pics below that we spent a few days ‘bed & breakfasting’ along the North Norfolk coast, which is just about the nearest piece of coastline to Oakham.

Then, a couple of weeks later, we drove down to Kent to stay with my brother for a few days. While we were there, we drove down to the coast on a couple of days, firstly to see my two cousins who live near Worthing, and then to spend a day on the beach at Eastbourne.

We also continue to visit nearby Rutland Water where Lek has been picking mushrooms and Song enjoys a swim.

All would be really great if it wasn’t for my ongoing medical problems, but I won’t bore you with all that stuff. I’m still alive, that’s the main thing. Suffice to say I am very glad I am in England where the healthcare is not only free but of a very high standard.

Here’s a host of pics that I’ve been taking over the past couple of months, which I hope give you an idea of what we’ve been up to.

Birmingham (to visit my daughter & Grandson)

my daughter’s back garden

Thomas – my new grandson

Rutland Water

Blakeney Point – Norfolk


Wells Next The Sea – Norfolk


Sheringham – Norfolk

Cromer – Norfolk

On the Road in Norfolk

Almost Deserted ‘no-name’ beach  – Norfolk

Back to Sheringham with fresh crab & Lobster


 Oakham (home and environs)


Daughter and granddaughter

Lek’s Thai herbs and spices sprouting

QE2 Bridge spanning the Thames at Thurrock/Dartford

Tonbridge, Kent (my brother’s home)

Ferring, near Worthing, West Sussex (My cousin’s house)



Ferring Coastline (West Sussex)

Eastbourne – East Sussex

Beachy Head – East Sussex

Out and About in Rutland

Freshly picked from a Rutland wood




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