A Mobi-Pictorial – Spring & early Summer back in the Olde Country – 6th July 2018





“Life After Lust” (6th July 2018)

Back in 2013, I published my second full length novel which is entitled “A Lust FoA Lust For Life by [D'Ark, Mobi]r Life”. Much of this book is a thinly veiled account of my own life, until at about three quarters of the way through the 820 (print) page saga, it diverts into a world of pure fiction.


Although I still think my first novel, “Madju Raj: The Angel of Death”

Madju-Raj,The Messenger of Death by [D'Ark, Mobi]

(published some years earlier), is a rattling good yarn, “Lust” is the novel that I am most proud of, despite it being a commercial flop.


Mobi's African Odyssey: War - Sex - Adventure - Humor by [D'Ark, Mobi]

My third major novel, Mobi’s African Odyssey, is even more autobiographical in content than “Lust” but covers a shorter period, in greater detail. This novel is arguably better written, more exciting and far more commercial, yet still it failed to catch the attention of the reading public.

If I never write another novel, then I would like to be remembered for “Lust for Life” as there is an awful lot of Mobi in this long, rambling saga – his passions, his vices, his faults, his brief periods of happiness, his battles with depression, his rags to riches and back to rags career, his relentless struggles with alcohol, and above all, his never ending disasters with the opposite sex – of which there were legion.

The Pros (1)

My Life After Lust started in late 2010, soon after I  met Lek, the wonderful Thai lady  I wish I had met many years earlier.

Now, back in Blighty, I have entered a period of happiness and contentment with my lovely new family around me, and on top of that I have my original family (brother, daughters, cousins, nephews, nieces, grandchildren et al) also providing comfort and support to an old codger who really doesn’t deserve it.

Since I set foot back in England, things could not have gone better. My wife and step-daughter have settled in extremely well. Lek has a good, secure job that is not too demanding, and her new work colleagues have made her feel at home. Outside work she has already made a number of friends, mainly Thai.

Likewise, Song has settled well in school, is very popular and has many friends and activities to keep her happy and occupied.

Recently I contacted the authorities with a view to legally adopting Song, and although there will be quite a few bureaucratic hurdles to jump through, not least the UK courts, it is looking very likely that the adoption will probably go through within the next nine months.

This will entitle Song to a British passport which will totally secure her life and future. It will also have a beneficial effect on the long term viability of Lek’s UK resident visa.

The Cons

Unfortunately,  Life after Lust has not been a total bed of roses. My health has been constant source of worry. Sometimes I don’t know where to look to get some relief from the relentless encroachment of chronic ailments – both old and new.

I have been suffering from hypertension, insulin dependent diabetes, an artificial aortic heart valve, IBS, glaucoma and depression for many years.

Last year I developed severely debilitating COPD, (lung disease) and this year I have been suffering from increasingly bladder problems.

Last but not least I have been badly anaemic since late last year. I was admitted to hospital in November with a hole in my bowel. This was followed up with a colonoscopy which revealed I have diverticulitis. Apparently I was also anaemic, although no-one told me.

And now my anaemia just gets worse and worse. There is no obvious reason for it. My iron levels are fine, but I am just getting weaker and weaker. I can’t even walk slowly for five minutes or carry something light across the room without being utterly exhausted. They keep taking more blood tests which indicate blood abnormalities and inflammation, but so far the doc has been unable to diagnose precisely what is wrong. I assume I am losing blood somewhere.

Then last week my COPD flared up and it was so bad that I could hardly breathe. I didn’t sleep for 3 nights and the doc had to put me on steroids – which plays havoc with my sugar levels, and very strong antibiotics which are playing havoc with my bowels….

In short, my general medical conditions are no place for old men. I’m still battling away, hoping to get some answers, but I confess I am becoming increasingly concerned. It’s a minor miracle that I’m still avoiding another hospital visit – probably because they don’t have any beds….

The Pros (2)

Anyway, back on the positive side – what I wonderful summer we are having. It’s been sunny and dry up here in Rutland but it hasn’t been overly hot (by Thai standards), and the days have just been wonderful.

In spite of all my medical problems we have managed to get out and about quite a bit, and on other occasions Lek & Song have left the old codger at home and taken off on their bikes to explore the highways and byways of rural Rutland.

Lek has some time off from work soon and we shall explore the English countryside a bit further afield –weather and health permitting.

Thank the Lord we all moved back to the land of my birth.

A Mobi-Pictorial – Spring & early Summer back in the Olde Country

I hope you enjoy my hotchpotch of pics of my life in and around Oakham during the past few months.

My latest grandson – Thomas, Johnathan Cooper, born 13th June 2018


Barnsdale Gardens – near Rutland Water, the home for many years of BBC’s Gardner’s World. We had a lovely stroll with my brother and sister in Law-who were visiting us from Kent for a few days.



And thence to a traction engine round up on the shores of Rutland water





A gathering of the Thai clans to indulge in their favourite pastime – eating Thai food.


Song wants to be a firefighter….


Lek and Song run for cancer


Relaxing at Rutland Water




An alien aircraft?




the aliens are definitely coming





These Thais get everywhere…


lek’s very first attempt at baking cakes….quite tasty actually!


Lek’s trusty steed – the only two-basket bike in the world


Ladywell, Oakham – the home street of the Mobi-clan

Our house is in the left corner


Our route to Song’s school


Freshly picked strawberries from a Rutland farm


Fixing a bird house in our back garden – Lek uses her coconut extraction skills to good effect.


Foxton Locks


Yarwell Mill & surrounding area






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  1. Hi Mobi love reading your blog looks like your family have settled in very well,
    I will be bringing my wife to the uk in november but just really worried about her English language skills, she can speak English if it’s spoken slowly and some words she gets a bit muddled up with, did your wife take some English language classes when she got here? i’m just worried because i work at sea month on month off so she will be alone when i’m at work i’m hoping she can get better at English then find a job, any recommendations for what courses she could do?

    I’m not sure what area of the uk i will be living in yet because i am from Ireland so i will be applying for a EEA Family Permit for my wife and i need to do this before brexit, can you recommend what would be a good area to rent where she could settle in and maybe make some friends? it doesn’t really matter to me where we live as i’m not tied to any place for work,

    Thanks for any advice i hope your health improves and your feeling better.
    Kind Regards



  2. Hi Mobi – great to see your latest post and all of the lovely photos. I switched to a vegan diet after having some concerning health issues. The plant based diet did absolute wonders for all of my levels and I am sure it would prove to be positive for you. Let me know if you have any questions about a plant based diet. Give it a go for 30 days and see if the reward is worth the minor hassle. All the best to you and yours – Jay


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