Cor Blimey – How time has flown! (11th May 2018)





Mobi-Babble – 11th May 2018.

At long last after a miserably cold start to Spring, we are finally experiencing some good weather. In fact we recently experienced our hottest early May Spring bank holiday ever, with temperatures rising into the high 20s.

Of course, being Blighty, it didn’t last that long and since last weekend the temperatures are dropping to the mid to high teens which is average fayre for early/mid May.

So what has happened since I last blogged?

It is well over a month since we settled into our new little home and we have made ourselves very comfortable. There have been a few ‘teething’ problems, most of which have now been resolved.

The only major item still outstanding is a quirky central heating system which will only deliver hot water while heating up the radiators. So far, the letting agent has sent one plumber and two electricians to look at the problem but as yet, it remains unresolved. Things could be worse – I’d rather be too warm than have no hot water.

My eldest daughter and her partner came over from Birmingham a couple of weeks ago and we all had a family lunch in one of Oakham’s many pubs.

We had a pleasant Easter at home and our first attempt at a Sunday roast lunch was a huge success, although we did rather overdo the quantities and I ended up eating roast lamb for three days!

Lek has been working full time at Oakham School now for several weeks and she finds the work quite challenging but do-able, and she has made a few friends there who have helped her through her first few weeks.

She starts at 6 am – which necessitates a 5 am wake up- ouch! It’s a 5 minutes’ cycle to work and she finishes at 12.30 pm and is back home by 1 pm.

My daily task is to walk Song to school in the morning (10 minutes away) and both Lek and I pick her up in the afternoon. The school is quite small and both teachers and classmates have made Song very welcome and she loves it. Right now, I doubt she is learning too much, but her English vocabulary is growing by the day.

On Fridays evenings she goes roller skating with her friends and yesterday  she had her first tennis lesson.

Most days, Lek and Song make video calls to Lek’s brother in Israel, her older sister in Samut Songkram, and her mother up in Nong Khai. The wonders of technology…

As for me – well I still seem to be plagued with a variety of medical problems, but I’m soldiering on as best I can and am enjoying my new life back in Blighty with my family.

On a recent shopping excursion Song found herself a new playmate.

A couple of weeks ago we decided to splash out and upgrade our car as the little motor I bought last year was a bit small for us to have grand tours around the English countryside.  So last week we changed out the Peugeot 107 with a Peugeot 208 – my “Mobi Pink-Mobile.” It is certainly a lot more comfortable and easier to drive than the 107 and should do us nicely for the next couple of years or so.

We have also bought bicycles for both Lek and Song; so as well as Lek cycling to and from work, the two of them go out for rides into the countryside on evenings and weekends. The other day, they cycled up to nearby Rutland water – the largest inland lake in the UK – which abounds with birds and other wild life.

Here’s the first bike we bought for Lek, which we had a few problems getting home. It turned out to be too big, so we have since sold it on and bought a smaller one.

Song out and about.

The countryside is slowly coming into its full summer beauty and there really is no better place to be on a nice day. Our dream is to move into a rural village, but that will have to wait a year or so.






Mother swan on her nest

Daddy swan keeping guard

A future Sunday lunch??

Last Saturday we took a pleasant walk around Oakham town centre and made our first trip to Oakham museum.


Then on Sunday we had a visit from my eldest daughter and my two grandchildren.

When I am home alone, I still bash away at my computer keyboard, but not nearly so many hours a day as before. I’m in two minds whether to continue with my contract writing.

To be honest, my heart isn’t really in it, and while we could always do with the extra  dosh, we now have enough money coming in to pay the bills, and even a bit extra if we are careful.

Maybe I will just stick to writing short stories and the occasional blog. We’ll see…

So the ‘anglification’ of the Mobi-brood continues apace. Everything has gone far smoother than I could have ever dreamed.

Is it down to my meticulous planning, or has my luck finally changed for the better?

Only time will tell.


12 thoughts on “Cor Blimey – How time has flown! (11th May 2018)”

  1. Quote – So the ‘anglification’ of the Mobi-brood continues apace. Everything has gone far smoother than I could have ever dreamed.
    Is it down to my meticulous planning, or has my luck finally changed for the better?
    Only time will tell. – End Quote
    Or perhaps, it could be you and your loved ones are now within a system that works?
    All the best Mobi.


  2. So nice to see you all doing well Mobi! Well hopefully your health will also improve more. You look slimmer yes? You know Lek & Song look really happy & Song looks smart in her uniform. Nice to see them living a nice life in a clean spot with good schooling etc. Good Luck to you All !!


  3. Things really seem to be working out. I know the trials of getting someone over from Thailand so am delighted for you that everyone has settled in so well. Good luck and long may it continue.


  4. Life’s looking up then. Can’t help you with your health but hopefully that improves. Your family look in their element and maybe that’s the spark for your wellbeing to improve. Who knows?


    1. Well for sure we’re all happy. So far, It’s worked out very well. But if my health improves a little I’ll be a lot happier.


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