Mobi’s life of Drinking (Part 1) – 8th January 2018

A Nong Khai Lake – close to Lek’s home

Mobi-Babble – 8th January 2018

Christmas and New Year have come and gone, and here in wintry Oakham we are ‘enjoying’ bitterly cold weather that tumbles well below freezing at night, and barely rises above freezing during the day. 

Although, believe it or not, there was a day recently when it was actually colder in Nong Khai (when they had one of their seasonal cold snaps) than in Oakham, where the weather warmed up briefly,  but not for long.

Ah well, this is what I signed up for when I moved back to Blighty, and on the positive side, it is less than 3 months to spring – in my opinion, the best time of year.

Hopefully, I will then be able to get out and about and post some glorious pictures of Rutland in springtime.  Meanwhile, apart from a ‘Christmas dinner special’ in Birmingham, I will post some recent photos from Nong Khai.

Christmas Dinner with my two daughters in Birmingham.


Here’s  a rather incongruous Christmas party way out in the sticks of Nong Khai  – I can’t imagine when this tradition started – we didn’t even have  Christmas parties in Pattaya! …


…and here’s some pics of Lek’s school reunion which were taken when all the village lads and lasses who had left home to work all over  Thailand (and beyond), came home to celebrate the New Year.

Family Visas.

As at the time of writing, we are still awaiting approval of the UK visa applications. We are now into our third month since the applications went in, but it is still not 60 WORKING days, so I live in hope that they may arrive within the next couple of weeks… I do hope so because the long wait is putting a  lot of stress on all concerned.

Getting Ready for the Big Trip

Bags all ready to pack
Lek and Song have been busy knitting scarfs up a storm…

“Long Lost Family” Update

Since my last blog, I have been able to update my family tree quite a bit, following a long and very helpful letter from one of my new found cousins. I now have the names of my grandparents and much more besides, so the story is almost complete. All that is now needed is a grand reunion…..


Mobi’s life of Drinking – Part 1

Image result for alcoholics

A few days back, on 1st January, I successfully completed 7 years without drinking a single drop of alcohol.

In my blogs through the years, as well as in my novels, (which contained a lot of autobiographical material), I have written about the time leading up to my decision to quit drinking and indeed have graphically described my years of drinking.

In fact, if you go back to my very first blog in 2009 by clicking on the link under the ‘recent posts’ sub-heading, you will see that the reason I started blogging was to tell the world about my struggles with alcohol. Much of this was recounted in “Mobi’s story” which was available to read for many years on my blog.

The menu link to this article has now been removed as it is covered in much greater detail in my novel “A Lust for Life”, available on Amazon by clicking the link on the right-hand sidebar.

But on this auspicious anniversary, I thought it might be worthwhile to have a little recap on my life of drinking and how, finally, I managed to find sobriety.

Click here to continue reading: “Mobi’s Life of Drinking”


Some more ad hok pics from Nong Khai taken over the past few weeks.


Lek is a total mushroom addict – hence so many mushroom pics. She travels far and wide to pick wild mushrooms and always comes home with a bunch of ’em.

Lek’s farmland


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