Donald J Trump – Cut Him Some Slack!


The Moral Conundrum

A few years ago, Anthony wiener, the New York politician (Democrat) sent a picture of his penis to a young lady on twitter and was subsequently pilloried, forced to resign and banished to obscurity.


But it wasn’t long before the estimable Mr. Weiner resurfaced and received popular support to rebuild his political career. Unsurprisingly, his constituents were quite willing to forgive and forget.

It wasn’t until he started misbehaving all over again – clearly an unreformed serial sexual deviant – that he was chased off the political stage for good.


President Clinton (Democrat) was given blowjobs by a pretty intern in the Oval Office and continued to deny it until it became undeniable. These days, he is loved and admired by a great majority of Americans and quite rightly, is regarded as one of the better presidents in recent decades.


John F Kennedy (Democrat) had a number of documented extra-marital affairs when in the oval office – including one with Marylyn Monroe. His legacy from his short time in office has practically elevated him to sainthood.

And so it goes on and on…just Google political sex scandals in the USA, and see how many of them are (a) democrat and (b) still in high office.



In the UK, one of our most famous statesmen, William Gladstone, used to wander the streets of Soho at night looking for fallen women to ‘save’. (‘Save’ being a euphemism for fornication).


UK’s most famous 20th-century statesman, Winston Churchill, was a long way from being a paragon of morality and virtue. Apart from extra-marital sex,  extreme vanity (he destroyed a portrait because he felt it unflattering), and many other faults, he was an out-and-out racist.


Prime Minister John Major, (the one who followed Thatcher), had an extra-marital affair with another member of the cabinet.

And so it goes on and on…

The truth of the matter is that if we expect our leaders to be pillars of morality in the way they conduct their private lives, then we are going to have a world that is run by mediocrity.

And to large extent, that is what has happened too often in this age of political correctness, (think Bush and Blair), when even the slightest transgression from our elected leaders is regarded as the ultimate sin and betrayal.

Of course, Weiner got his comeuppance as he was a nasty little man who didn’t learn anything from the public’s willingness to understand and forgive.

But by all accounts, a vast majority of the world’s greatest leaders have not been very nice people. How could they be? First and foremost, they have to be narcissists and egotists to have the necessary belief in themselves that will propel them to high office.

Then they have to fight, cheat, lie, cajole, blackmail and bribe their way to the top. So how on earth could they possibly be nice people? It just doesn’t go with the territory.

But for some reason, the world’s free press and the bleeding heart liberal elite believe that all our leaders must behave as though they were Jesus Christ himself.

And yet what was it Jesus said? “Let he who is without sin…..”

So the new President Trump is a misogynist who used to get away with groping women.

Sure, it’s pretty disgusting and leaves a nasty taste in the mouth, but to be quite honest, this revelation doesn’t surprise me one iota. It is just the sort of thing I would expect of a vain, brash New York businessman who hosted beauty pageants.

That doesn’t mean he can’t be a great president. The fact that he has these serious moral faults may actually aid him into becoming a great president. His shortcomings have been exposed and he has humbly apologized – just Like Weiner did.

Provided he doesn’t do it again and start groping Teresa May, or Angela Merkel in public, then let him get on with running America and regain its place in leading the free world. Clearly, his supporters don’t give a jot about his moral shortcomings. They know their leader isn’t perfect, but they believe he is the best man for these difficult times.

Surely he needs to be as dirty and slimy as the swamp he wants to drain?

So why not give the guy a chance?


As for all you luvvies in Hollywood and the entertainment business – well, shame on you! You are entitled to hold any political convictions you like, but to threaten, intimidate, and blacklist anyone in your profession who holds different views to you is, in my opinion, worse than anything Trump has done.

How many performers were forced to withdraw from performing at Trump’s inauguration celebrations following the vicious backlash from the luvvie lobby?

You are trying to hijack the very liberal principals you stand for – the democratic process, the right to free speech, and the right to hold any political opinion, however extreme.

Without free speech, we would never have known about Trump’s transgressions in the first place.

But for the luvvies, the only permissible opinions are those that follow their own narrow line of politically correct leftist socialism.

That Speech


You would have to be a pretty dyed in the wool Democratic partisan not to have been affected by Trump’s inauguration speech.

There is no denying the fact that America has seriously lost its way. I don’t know how many times I have been met with disbelief when I tell the Thais that in great swathes of Middle America, people are living in greater poverty than the poorest do in Thailand.

They simply refuse to believe me when I say that 43 million Americans are on food stamps; that Americans are killed on a daily basis in no-go areas in the major cities; that the country’s debt is in astronomical trillions.

As for America’s standing in the world – trust me, folks, it has never been so low. America has become the joke of international politics. It is a toothless tiger and countries like Russia and China, and even lowly Philippines can stick their fingers up at them at will – with absolutely no consequences.

There is no question that the elite political ‘establishment’ in Washington have been driving their nation down a one-way street to hell in a handcart for a very long time. They simply don’t care.


President Obama was swept into office 8 years ago on promises of “change” – promises to make real changes in the way the country is run. Even I was caught up in the rhetorical euphoria and was more than prepared to give him a chance.

But he changed nothing. Never once did he put his hands across the aisle and seek compromise.

“Obamacare” did not receive a single Republican vote and members of his own party didn’t even bother to read it; to say nothing of the false promises about doctors and cost increases that were dished out. Did he lie, or was he foolish and naïve?  Either way, not a pretty sight. How on earth was it ever going to endure?

And never once did he try to dismantle the obscene Washington business lobbies that hold all the major politicians in their pernicious pockets.

Unemployment has increased, (don’t believe the official numbers, as they exclude over 10 million people who have long since given up on finding a job); poverty is up; the national debt has trebled; racial tensions are still high; the country’s international standing is at an all-time low.

So would you rather have a highly moral, wonderful orator like Obama, who achieved very little in the White House, or a morally flawed, property developer, with zero political baggage, who is going to use all his nous and business cunning to give it a real good go?

Eight years ago I cut Obama some slack, and look what happened?

How about cutting some slack for the 45th President?

And let’s see what happens.



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  1. Thanks a lot for your clear-headed and reasonable analysis regarding the recent US transfer of power to a new president/government. I have high hopes for at least some degree of restoration of American leadership and accomplishment.


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