Mobi’s Photo-Journal – 13th November 2016


Mobi’s Contract Work

Hi, Folks…. no… I’m not back blogging properly… well not yet anyway, but who knows what the future may bring?

I just thought I would use my blog as a vehicle to launch an appeal for work. Things are not going to well, and I would like to plug my writing skills to anyone out there in blog land who may be looking for a freelance writer.

I don’t why, but my contract writing work has dried up alarmingly in the last few weeks, and it is starting to give me great cause for concern, so this is just to let you all know that I am ready and willing to do any work you may need in the writing line.

Over the past few months I have written for all manner of websites – whether they be new business sites that need ‘home’ and ‘about’ pages written, or established sites that need new articles and blogs to keep them going and up to date.

My writing style (tone) can be formal, serious, engaging, and humorous or any other style the site owner requires.

I can also write anything from instruction manuals, brochures, scripts, I can proofread and edit texts, I can  books, write creatively, write business letters, or proposals, help you with your thesis, ghost-write books. In fact – just about any form of writing you can think of in the English language.

All the feedback from my work has been 100% positive and I have been rated five stars out of five on freelance websites where I have been selling my services. But I guess the fickle nature of the business means that I will inevitably go through bad periods where for one reason or another work ceases to flow.

For those of you not familiar with my work, I have put together a portfolio of my recent writing efforts which can be accessed from the following link.


(In case you may be confused, all my contract writing work is carried out in my real name – Martin Bower)

My rates are very reasonable, I always deliver to agreed deadlines, and I will re-write as many times as is necessary until you are satisfied.

If anyone is interested in using my services, please drop me a line at:

I guarantee that your contact details will be treated in the strictest confidence.


Mobi’s Photo-Journal

Here’s a photo update of what’s been going on in the Mobi-household since I last blogged back in June.

My daughter, son in law and grandson and came for a visit….

img_3596 img_3600 img_3744 img_3732

We went to the beach at Sattahip…


img_3709 img_3704 img_3700 And then to the zoo…
img_3655 img_3654

Mother-in-law was looking better than ever…




We still take the dogs for a walk every day…


img_3608 img_3606 img_3619

img_3645 img_3644
img_3640 img_3636 img_3633 img_3617 img_3620 img_3625 img_3626 img_3631 img_3613 img_3608 img_3606

Then we moved house…

Our new home

New home (2)

img_3775 img_3751


There was a large plot out back for Lek’s veggie garden…img_3802 img_3800

But the swimming pool was a bit small….


But we soon settled in…

s_4996391313121 s_4961539365432 s_4961539298176 1469339079394

1466921588534It’s definitely a dog’s life…

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