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In “Mobi-Babble”, we have: Sonny having a wash; Lek buying pizzas; Snakes Alive – Lek finds a baby python next door; Chinese whispers – can you believe what you read on the internet?; and Guest Blogging – my future career?
In ” What The Hexit”, we have: A poem from Juli B followed by Mobi’s take on Brexit.
In “Notes from a Tainted Paradise”, we have: A Snake Swallowed my Cock – Almost…(Part 2), First a snake – now a giant water monitor, Miss Thailand Universe – A national costume too far?, and “What a shame for the poor girl – Getting married to that old snakehead.”
In “A Mobi-Movie-Review”, I review Mike Leigh’s sumptuous and delightful movie – Topsy-Turvy (1999).


Not a great deal to report, as little has happened worthy of note in the past two weeks.

Sonny Boy the Bulldog had a wash…


Lek celebrated losing 3 kilos by buying a slice of pizza…


…and Mobi’s few remaining investments dropped in value by over 10% following the UK Referendum….

Snakes Alive!

There is a lot about snakes in this week’s blog. (See my Notes from a Tainted Paradise)

So it was about time that we joined in the fun of snakes turning up in unusual places. Lek has been terrified that one would turn up in our loo, and I couldn’t convince her that even the smartest snake finds western-style loos a bit challenging.

But she sort of had the last laugh when she discovered a baby python in our neighbour’s garden. Not in the loo, but near enough the house to give her the willies. (Also see my snake article …)…..

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What The Hexit!


WTF happened?

First off, here is my daughter’s take on it.

Not a single soul survived on Mars.

Earth’s residents derided those fools
Who were unschooled mules unable to have foresight
Unable to see the destruction ahead
That they’d all be dead, they were led
Down the path of stupidity.

Out of nowhere appeared this Ludo Von Storm
with charisma and promises to this world so torn
“We are starving!:-
We a need a solution: Relocation!
To the Red Planet we’ll build a new population!
This world of passion will give us everything we need
The equipment’s ready to be built at speed……

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Notes from a Tainted Paradise 

A Snake Swallowed my Cock – Almost…(Part 2)


My last tongue-in-cheek article with the above headline, (HERE) didn’t involve the sort of cock everyone was thinking of. But this time, it does.

There has been a spate of stories about snakes appearing in toilets, but nothing quite like the poor young Thai man who got the shock of his life when a Python rose up through the squat toilet and put its teeth around his dangling organ…..

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Topsy-Turvy (1999)

mdtopsy-dvdusIt is not the film you think it may be – hunt it out, and spend three enjoyable hours getting away from it all.

I have long been a huge admirer of Mike Leigh’s films – the brilliant, award-winning English director who eschews the Hollywood system and refuses to make films that will uplift you or tells stories with conventional happy (or sad) endings.

He makes films that show us ‘slices of life’ in England, mainly working and middle-class people – sometimes good people – often bad – but always with gritty reality.  He never holds back, and occasionally he makes us feel very uncomfortable as he peels away the layers of quasi-polite behaviour and we see the real people underneath.

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  1. What a great report on the Brexit. It couldn’t help but to copy a few lines. Hope you don’t mind.


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