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In “Mobi-Babble” we have: “Someone stole my tree!”;  Kids! – who’d have’em?; and “Mobi-Babble follow-ups.”
In “Notes From a Tainted Paradise” we have: “Brand-new bike lane becomes street food hub and a parking lot.”;  “Lo-So’s” are banged up for stealing a coconut;  “Hi-So’s” kill with impunity.”;  “Moving House in Thailand takes on a whole new meaning!”; and “Renta-Fans cheer Leicester City during Bangkok victory parade.”
In It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world” we have: “The new religion is Football.”
In: “A Mobi-Movie Review” I review “Cold in July (2014)”

Mobi-Babble -29th May 2016

Someone stole my tree!

Back in 2009, after I left my last wife, Dang, I went to stay in a luxury condo for a year or so – my little hideaway. The condo had a glorious view of the Gulf of Thailand, but I didn’t really appreciate the views, as for much of that year I was either drunk or badly hung over.

One way or another, it was one of the worst years of my life. I was still crazy about Dang, but I knew  I could never be happy with her. It was a time when I reached my personal ‘rock bottom’ and I came very, very close to calling it a day. You can read all about those terrible months on the archive pages from my blog; which are still available to read online.  

(Go to the sidebar and select the months from the drop-down menu – October 2009 – October 2010 more or less covers it. Go to the month of October 2009 and scroll down to the 24th Oct. The narrative is in the green text. Of course, you can go back even further if you want to read about the build up to my departure.)

During that period, a maid came in 3 times a week to do a bit of  cleaning and washing-up, but it was many months before it finally permeated my alcohol riddled brain that she was robbing me blind. All manner of things started to disappear, including money from my wallet, and infuriatingly, even the remote control for my TV……

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Notes from A Tainted Paradise – 29th May 2016

Brand-new bike lane becomes street food hub and a parking lot.

You gotta laff…It could only happen in Thailand.bikelane2

The Thais’ famous entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in the Chatuchak area of Bangkok. The caring local authorities  recently entered into the green spirit of our times, by constructing a beautiful bicycle lane to protect Bangkok’s intrepid cyclists from almost certain death on the city’s dangerous roads.

bikelane4But it was not to be. No sooner had the lovely lane been completed, than street vendors set up their stalls, and tuk-tuk and cars used the remaining space as a car park.

Local opinion was in favour of the street vendors, who had been operating there long before the green trend in cycling became the latest craze.

“They don’t need their own lane,” said a local vendor, “there’s not that many cyclists.”

I venture to suggest there will be even less if they are forced to fight with six-wheeled trucks, swerving, manic bus drivers and hi-so budding racing drivers  in their 4 by 4’s and Lamborghinis….

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It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world – 29th May 2016.

The new religion is Football


Following my diatribe on the Leicesterisation of England, are you – like me – sick to the back teeth of all the hoo-ha over who manages a bloody football club?

Press speculation about Manchester United’s manager Louis Van Gaal being fired, and who his replacement may be, has been grabbing the media headlines for months.

There seemed to be no end to it; yet, I wonder, who outside the Manu supporters really gave a damn? I mean it’s only a game of football for God’s sake, yet more column inches are written about Van Gaal and his likely replacement, Jose Mourinho, than is devoted to the fall of a national government.

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A Mobi-Movie Review – Cold in July (2014) – 29th May 2016

A movie of two halves – the first half excellent; the second, utter drivel.


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2 thoughts on “Someone Stole My Tree! – 29th May 2016”

  1. The new religion is Football.

    I do so agree with you, the fuss that is made about Manu and also Leicester City Foot Ball club. Will they be a 1 hit wounder, I suspect so, they will sink back to where they were a year ago. There are far more important things going on in the world than football, You look at the BBC Sports segment that normally airs each morning at a quarter to each hour. Its dominated by football. Even the major newspapers like the Guardian, have football almost 1 and center. I have the Guardian new app on my phone and most days on the front page are several foot ball stories.

    The season is finished boys drop it for a few weeks and us a rest. Or are all you sports reporters so talent less that you cant report on anything else?


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