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  • In “Mobi-babble” we have: “Laughter AND dogs are the best family medicine”, and “Woe is Work.”  

  • In my general musings on world-shattering events, we have: Transgender Bathrooms – whatever next?”, and ” It’s Only A Game… Really!”

  • In “A Mobi-Movie Review” – we have “Youth” (2015) Starring Michael Caine .


Mobi-Babble – 16th May 2016

Laughter AND dogs are the best family medicine


The other night I watched a programme from BBC on the subject of how to choose the right dog. The dog expert went through all the attributes of different breeds, how much each one may cost, which dog would suitable for different dog owners, how much exercise they needed, whether they were good with kids, and so on.

The bottom line was that potential dog owners should take time and great care in selecting their dog – after all, they will be responsible for it for 10-15 years – maybe longer. One elderly couple had the bright idea of getting not one but two puppies – to the utter horror of the expert who talked them out of it. Another guy wanted a German Shephard, but he was away half the time, lived in a tiny house, and would leave the dog with his father every time he went away. Not a great idea…






You could imagine what I thought – as not one of my four dogs was chosen with a view to how they would fit in with my living circumstances. The two Shih Tzus were chosen by my ex-wife, who promptly dumped their daily care onto a servant, the Labrador was given to me by a desperate dog owner who was going back to England, and we rescued the bulldog from a home where he had been abandoned by his owner.

The only dog I chose with great care was……..

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Transgender Bathrooms – whatever next?



I don’t know – all this hullabaloo over who can use whose public toilets. I haven’t been in France in many a year, but when I worked in Paris, many places had multi-gender toilets, and even if they didn’t, there was always a ‘toilet lady’ around to keep the place clean and take your tips.

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It’s Only A Game… Really!


I confess up front that I am a lifelong Tottenham Hotspur supporter. I first went to see them play some sixty years ago in the mid- nineteen-fifties and have followed their fortunes for good or bad – mostly bad – ever since.

I still remember taking the number 144 red double-decker bus from Gants Hill in Ilford, and travelling around the North Circular road and dropping off near White Hart Lane.

2624282_heroaSo obviously I have been pretty chuffed this season when Spurs has enjoyed one of their greatest seasons for many a long year.

But when we came to the run in, I knew that we would fall short. Leicester were too far in front and it would have taken a terrible fall in fortune had they not managed to win a single one of their last 3 matches whereas Spurs had to win every one. I knew what would happen – Spurs would crack, not the Foxes… par for the course.

I am still very proud of them – they will end up either 2nd or 3rd, depending on the result of their match 28B42B3E00000578-3083010-Striker_Harry_Kane_pictured_in_the_new_Tottenham_Hotspur_home_ki-a-45_1431681158086today – and that is quite something to celebrate.

Leicester have my heartfelt congratulations for their astonishing achievement. What a season – and it wasn’t luck – it was a great team playing at the top of their game. I am quite sure they will be ‘there or there-abouts’ next season.

But to hear and see the fuss on radio and television – you would think they

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A Mobi-Movie Review – “Youth” (2015) Starring Michael Caine 

Youth_poster_goldposter_com_10-400x572A masterpiece of film-making which will entertain and uplift you in equal measure.

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