The Gang of Four – American Style! – 17th April, 2016

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IMG_3368In “Mobi-Babble” – “Happy Thai New Year 2556” and a Trip to Dreamworld; “Red Ant eggs for breakfast- Anyone?” and “It’s a dog’s life” – poor Micky!

In my Letter to America – “The  Gang of Four – American Style!” I write about the parlous state of the greatest country in the world, and the worst ever choice of candidates to lead it out of the wilderness. 

In”Notes From a Tainted Paradise”, I write about how Ladyboys find a painful way out of the military Draft; How blindly following a sat-nav onto a footbridge is not good for Thai ‘face’, and a Princely suggestion for dealing with protesting monks.




Happy Thai New Year – BE (Buddhist Era) 2559

1460778188278I’m writing this on 16th April and we are barely half way through the long Songkran holiday. Songkran – the time of year when entire Thai population goes berserk and chucks water at each other for two weeks.

In previous years, I have written much on the ‘abuses’ of the traditional Songkran water festival in modern times – which has turned the one-day tradition of sprinkling scented water onto families and friends into a non-stop, two-week drunken water fight.

This has happened partly in the pursuit of money – and partly because the festival has been hi-jacked by thousands of drunken yobs – including a fair number of westerners – so I won’t bore you by writing at length about it this year.

As ever, Thailand’s road atrocious  accident statistics, second only to Libya in the table of the world’s worst, always spikes upwards during Thai New Year. 2016 is no exception, and after the first four days of the festival, no less than 259 people have died, and there have been 2378 injured. Yesterday alone, 78 people were killed and there were 556 accidents reported.

As I rarely venture out, all the wild, wet and dangerous mayhem has so far passed me by. Last Wednesday, Lek and the kids took off with some family friends who live in Pattaya for a day out. They went to “Dreamworld,” a massive amusement and water park in Pathum Thani, just north of Bangkok.



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The  Gang of Four – American Style!

imagesMy Dear Americans, I truly grieve for you.

The USA is arguably the greatest democracy the world has ever seen, and it is the country where anyone, no matter how poor or underprivileged, can achieve The American Dream.  Through the decades, there have been thousands of people who have pulled themselves out of poverty to become rich and famous in the land of the free.

Who better than Barack Obama himself to exemplify just how far a poor man from an ethnic minority can aspire to in 21st century America?

America also happens to be the richest country in the world. It has the most powerful armed forces in the world, the greatest universities in the world and the greatest scientists. It is a proud nation dedicated to freedom, democracy, human rights, and the elimination of all forms of discrimination, not only in America but throughout the world.

It is also a country that puts a huge value on human life, and believes fervently that all its citizens have the right to live their lives in freedom and without hindrance from their fellow citizens. Their Founding Fathers’ Bill of Rights is one of the most profound, democratic and freedom-espousing documents of all time. It is revered by all freedom-loving citizens the world over.

So what in God’s name has gone wrong?

In America today there are almost 50 million of its citizens on food stamps. Fifty million! That’s more than the population of Spain and more than the populations of Holland, Belgium, Greece, Portugal and Sweden combined.

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Notes from a Tainted Paradise

Thai BarHow to avoid the Draft

Every Thai man at the age of 21 has to appear before a local military recruitment centre to try their luck. Each eligible young man has to choose a card. If it is black, he is free, if it is red, he has to spend two years in the military.

But many are either deferred (e.g. in the case of university students), or exempted, due to health or ‘other’ reasons.

The largest exempt group are the lady boys. But just in case you think that all a Thai man has to do is to dress up in women’s clothing and he will get an exemption, you should think again. Only those who go through the painful process of sexual realignment surgery will gain exemption – the rest will have to don military khakis and play at soldiers for two years.

Ouch! – Either way.



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Football Lovers of the World Unite! – Disband FIFA!

More than 35 current or former senior FIFA senior officials have been indicted on charges of bribery, wire fraud, racketeering, money laundering, and tax evasion.

The list continues to grow and as yet excludes the disgraced former President Sepp Blatter and suspended EUFA President Michel Platini.

Nobody knows yet the true scale of the vast corruption within the FIFA evil empire, but it is certainly in the hundreds of millions of dollars. We know for a fact about $150 million in the Americas, $10 million in South Africa, several million dollars in bribes from the German Football Federation, and many millions from various national football associations through the years in exchange being awarded World Cup tournaments. 

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2 thoughts on “The Gang of Four – American Style! – 17th April, 2016”

  1. A vote for Trump is a vote against the establishment. As you noted, at least 50M Americans on food stamps are probably not happy with the existing “social contract” between the have and have-nots in American society. Another big issue – Trump does not seem to be a war mongerer like the rest of the candidates. As far as his wall – Congress wouldn’t let him do it but his idea for paying for it was restricting remittances of Mexicans working in US, which is at least $23B a year.


    1. The way I see it, Trump has little or no chance of becoming the next President as he will receive very low support from Hispanics, blacks and most women. He has already burnt his bridges with them by his outspoken vitriol.

      I wasn’t aware that he had proposed restricting remittances by Mexicans to their families back home to pay for the wall. On the surface, it sounds like a good idea, but I can imagine all hell breaking loose if he tries to do such a thing.

      Firstly it will be patently unfair to hardworking people of Mexican origin who have done nothing wrong, but more importantly, he will be driving a coach and horses through banking and currency regulations. How can the land of the free stop its citizens sending money to another country? This is what I meant about Trump becoming a pseudo-dictator if he tries to restrict freedoms that are the very cornerstone of American freedom and democracy.

      Even if he did pass such a law, it would never work. Many countries have tried, but it’s citizens have always found ways around the laws. (eg. sending it via a third country), and a huge black market will develop, encouraging yet more crime. Where there’s a will there’s a way. The Mexicans will simply pay their savings to a black marketer in the USA, and a heavily discounted amount of Mexican currency will be paid to their families in Mexico. This idea has no more chance of stopping people sending money than prohibition did in stopping people from drinking.

      Last but not least, America would enter a period of disastrous diplomatic and commercial relations with Mexico and also with many other countries in central/south America – at a time when relations are at long last starting to improve. (Probably the only good thing Obama has achieved).

      This is what I mean by Trump not properly thinking through his pronouncements.

      But we are all entitled to our opinions, and thanks for commenting. I will be fascinated to see how it all plays out.


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