Slave labour in FIFA’s Murky Fiefdom

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IMG_2334In Mobi-Babble – “My Thai Family”; “Still Trading for the Future”; “The weather is turning – for the better – for now”.

In Slave labour in FIFA’s Murky Fiefdom – I report on FIFA’s  lack of action over slave labour in Qatar

In A Mobi-TV-Review – I give my verdict on the BBC series – “The Night Manager”.

In Mobi-Pics – I publish the very final batch of photos taken in the UK last June.



My Thai Family

Lek has returned from her 4-day trip to Nong Khai, and I have to say that during her absence, Neung, her fifteen-year-old son, took care of me admirably. He made my breakfast and cooked my evening meal, and all I had to do was prepare my own lunch. What more could a man ask?

IMG_3185Neung is turning into a very nice teenager – such a change from a couple of years back when we caught him stealing money from me on more than o0ne occasion. Less than six months ago I had a major issue with him when he refused to go to school one day.

But now he does his chores around the house and seems to be growing into a responsible young man. He still has shouting matches with his Mum almost every day: but  that is partly cultural, (Issan folk love to shout at each other – they have very short tempers)  and partly just his teenage testosterone surging out of control. He tries to assert himself and refuses to take a ‘bollocking’ lying down – he always has his own version of events.


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Slave labour in FIFA’s Murky Fiefdom.

images (1)Followers of my blog will know that I have oft-times railed against the corruption in FIFA – long before it was ‘fashionable’ to do so. For several years now I have been raging  against Blatter and his obscenely corrupt henchmen, including the now-suspended head of EUFA, the slippery Platini.

I called for their heads on a block while most people just shook their heads in wonder and accepted the status quo. They assumed that the FIFA elite were simply too powerful to be brought to brook.

Thank God they were wrong – and thank God for the FBI – never have they been so welcome in the cause of uncovering massive international corruption.

It is easy to be wise ‘after the event’ – but I was there ‘before the event’ and I am proud of the stand I took.

But we are a long way from being free of this terrible organisation and its sweeping powers that continue to control world football. Never was there more a case in point than the awarding of the 2022 World Cup to Qatar.

Only a few months ago, the disgraced president Blatter let it slip that the awarding of the venue for 2022 was agreed before the vote – to the USA!

But they hadn’t reckoned on Monsieur Platini – the disgraced and now suspended president of UEFA – being ‘persuaded’ at the last moment on the virtues of taking the world’s greatest sporting tournament to Qatar. (And also taking enough of his mates with him to swing the vote.)

Why did Platini move heaven and earth to award the world cup to Qatar?

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A Mobi-TV-Review – “The Night Manager”.

I have recently watched two highly rated TV series. The first was Icelandic Trapped and the second was BBC’s Night Manager. I have decided to give both of these diverse TV series the benefit of a Mobi-review. In this blog, I will write about The Night Manager, and in my next blog, I will give my views on “Trapped.”

Night Manager

unnamed-2This was possibly one of BBC’s most expensive productions ever, which at an estimated budget of £3 million per episode, came at a cool £18million for the six episodes.

Night Manager is based on John Le Carré’s book of the same name. When I tell you that Le Carré is my all-time my favourite 20th Century author and that I have read every single one of his books, you will understand that I awaited this adaptation with very high expectations.

After all, with a movie-type budget of £18m; with the eminent BBC producing it; with  ‘A’ list British actors in the lead roles, and with Le Carré himself on board in an advisory capacity – what could go wrong?

Nothing could and nothing did, is the opinion of the vast majority. 

The Guardian and the Telegraph positively raved about it and the increasing audience – episode by episode –  were ecstatic about it.

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Mobi-Pics – UK 2015 (19 & Final)

Stamford & Going Home

Yes folks, at long last I have reached the final batch of photos taken in the UK last June. Today’s pics cover our final few days with my youngest daughter in Stamford and our journey home. We had a farewell Barbeque to which my eldest daughter and her boyfriend attended. Enjoy.



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AZZY – The latest Professional Five Star Review!


Boundless Book Reviews – California, USA

Five Boundless Stars *****

azzyMobi is one adventurous young man! One minute, I wanted to hug away all his pain; and the next, slap the shit out of him for being so stupid. This is definitely a good read! I do have to warn you; do not read it, and expect to get any sleep. I read as late as I could, for two nights in a row. D’Ark writes in a way to make readers feel as if they are sitting across from him listening to his story; and I was immediately hooked, seriously, he had me at page TWO. This has NEVER happened before.

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