“AZZY” – It’s a Five Star Review from Boundless Books!

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IMG_3218Read the incredible 5-star review of AZZY.

In Mobi-Babble – “The sweaty season is upon us”; “Mobi’s Trading Future” and “Hunt the Ball,” along with some lovely pictures of Pong countryside.

In The 2016 Oscars – The final batch of “Mobi-Mini-Movie-Reviews” – I review Spotlight, Room and 45 Years.

In More Notes From a Tainted Paradise – “A Big smiley welcome for tourists in Chiang Mai”; “Pretty Woman”; “Red Flags for Dinosaurs” and  “I’ve got a Luverly Bunch of Coconuts.”

In Mobi-Pics – I publish the final batch of photos taken at the beautiful Barnsdale Gardens in Rutland.


AZZY – The latest Professional Five Star Review!


Boundless Book Reviews – California, USA

Five Boundless Stars *****

azzyMobi is one adventurous young man! One minute, I wanted to hug away all his pain; and the next, slap the shit out of him for being so stupid. This is definitely a good read! I do have to warn you; do not read it, and expect to get any sleep. I read as late as I could, for two nights in a row. D’Ark writes in a way to make readers feel as if they are sitting across from him listening to his story; and I was immediately hooked, seriously, he had me at page TWO. This has NEVER happened before.

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The sweaty season is upon us!

It’s mid-March and it’s warming up nicely. Daytime highs in Pong are hitting the high-thirties, (39° C forecast today), and the humidity is starting to climb, which means it’s very hot and sweaty.

The Thai Summer will be at its peak next month during the Thai New Year when temperatures can nudge over 40° and it will remain very hot and very humid until the end of May at the earliest.

I can’t complain – we’ve had a pretty good ‘cold season’ and this year, it has lasted from mid-December until early March. Last year, it barely cooled down at all.

Our new home is surrounded on three sides by open fields and we are still enjoying a fair amount of breezes which helps to keep things a little cooler.

Along with many parts of the world, there’s been no rain here to speak of and much of Thailand is suffering from one of its worst drought in decades.


Mobi’s Trading Future

About three weeks ago I submitted a quote to do a small contract writing job for an outfit based in London. It seemed pretty straightforward – write about 800 words for a new website…

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The 2016 Oscars – The final batch of “Mobi-Mini-Movie-Reviews”

In this blog, I will review “Spotlight”, “Room” and “45 Years,” which will bring to a conclusion my review of films with 2016 Oscar nominations.


1909823_originalI saw this movie before the Oscar winners were announced. I wasn’t particularly attracted to it, as although the subject sounded interesting, I was fearful that it might be a rather plodding film – about journalists slowly uncovering a scandal that is no longer as shocking as it was back in 2001.

(Indeed, does anything shock us anymore?) …

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More Notes from a Tainted Paradise

A Big smiley welcome for tourists in Chiang Mai.

zoe-raid-1024x683It’s encouraging to read that tourists are still being given a wonderful “Thai style” welcome in all parts of the Land of Smiles.

Just the other week, the gallant boys in brown, complete with assault rifles, raided a popular tourist bar in Chiang Mai ….


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Mobi-Pics – UK 2015 (18)

Barnsdale Gardens – Batch No.3

Here is the third and final batch of photographs taken in the gorgeous Barnsdale Gardens, near Oakham, Rutland.


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