It’s That Bulldog Spirit! – 21st February, 2016


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In Mobi-Babble – I welcome a new member of the ever-expanding Mobi-family – Sonny Boy the Bulldog. And I fear that our daily walks in the park have come to an end. Click on the MobiBabble page, below for a feast of pics.

In Mobi-Mini-Movie-Reviews – I give my personal opinion on three of the Oscar hopefuls. The Big Short, The Revenant & Bridge of Spies.

In Suzi’s Underskirts Revealed – I publish the first seven draft chapters of my new novel, SUZI.

In Mobi-Pics I publish the first of three batches from the beautiful Barnsdale Gardens in Rutland



It’s That Bulldog Spirit!


Why on earth do we need another dog? It’s crazy, I know….

1455096538888Especially a breed that’s as inbred as the bulldog breed is. As if three stupid mutts weren’t enough trouble for any family.

Well, it happened like this.

Every day we take our dogs – and kids – to the local meadow/park for exercise. When we first started going there, we had the place to ourselves. But over time, others have obviously seen us from the road and these days, there are any number of folk who come to enjoy a stroll in the park in the late afternoon. Many, like us, also bring their dogs.

One such person, who we  encountered on many occasions, was a Thai lady with two dogs. One of her dogs was a lovely little German Pinscher (I think) and the other was a baby British Bulldog. The Bulldog was very friendly and every time he saw us he would come bounding across to say hello and play with our own dogs.

To cut a long story short, one day the Thai lady asked us if we knew anyone who might be interested in looking after the Bulldog. Apparently the dog had been deserted at the lady’s home by someone who used to live there and she was looking to place it in good home.

As ugly as the bulldog was, we all fell in love with him, so against our better judgement, we offered him a home.

His name was “Johnny” but when we got him home, I noticed that Lek had trouble pronouncing the word “Johnny.” It sounded more like “Sonny” than Johnny.

“Why don’t we call him Sonny? I suggested. “As in Sonny Boy – the dog won’t notice the difference.”

“Yes, I like that.”

So Sonny it is.

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The 2016 Oscars – some “Mobi-Mini-Movie-Reviews”

For the past two years, I have tried to see all the Oscar-nominated movies, prior to the Oscar awards ceremony. This was so that I could predict the winners; and also announce my own, alternative “Mobi’s Moscars”.

I can tell you that this was quite a slog and after last year’s marathon viewing and reviewing, I decided to quit while I was ahead. (Most of my predictions were correct)

So this year, I am just going to write a few mini-reviews of Oscar and BAFTA nominated films that I have seen. I will write a few reviews in each of my forthcoming blogs until I have covered all of the films.

This means that unlike previous years, many will be reviewed after the February 28th Oscar ceremony. I will also review a few films that have been nominated in other categories, or were tipped for a nomination but never made it. (Such as “The Hateful Eight“).

To kick-off, here is my first clutch of  “mini-reviews”.

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The Six Wives of Mobi D’Ark: Book Two; “SUZI” – 21st Feb 2016


As promised, I publish below the initial drafts of the first seven chapter of my new novel, SUZI.

Please note that all my creative work is protected by copyright, so while you are very welcome to copy these chapters for your own private use, I respectfully request that you do not publish any of this material in whole or in part in any other media outlet without referring it back to me first. Thank you and happy reading.

The Six Wives of Mobi D’Ark:

Book Two; “Suzi” 


Mobi D’Ark

© Martin Andrew Bower, 2016

Table of Contents



  1. Into the Sands
  2. A Hot Welcome
  3. A Nasty Surprise
  4. Leave it to Pete
  5. In the Heat of the Night
  6. Rules of the Desert
  7. Search and Rescue

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Mobi-Pics – UK 2015 (16)

Barnsdale Gardens – Batch No.1

I told a fib.

After a quick look at my folders, I thought here was only enough IMG_2178photographs remaining for one final batch in my Mobi-Pics section. I have now opened the folder and found there were 90 pics inside, a little too many for one blog.
In fact, I’m going to divide them into three groups of 30 photos which I will publish over three blogs.

Even then, I won’t be finished as there really is one final batch that covers our departure from the UK. So my pics taken in the UK last year are going to continue for a few more weeks yet.

So today, I am publishing the first of three batches that were taken at the gorgeous Barnsdale Gardens, near Oakham, in England’s smallest county of Rutland.

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Here’s what the readers say:

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“…Recommended for anyone that wants a great, well written, read and to be plucked from their surroundings and landed in a tropical setting of days long since passed…”

(Two genuine excerpts from the 5-Star reviews on Amazon)



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